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Henderson County Establishes Community Organizations Active In Disasters(COAD)

by Jacob Irish, Quill Reporter

The Henderson County Board met on Tuesday June 9, 2015 to discuss past and future plans for Henderson County.

Representatives from the Henderson County COAD (Community Organizations Active in Disasters) presented their recent initiatives to the Henderson County board.

The COAD is made up of representatives from each of Henderson County's social service agencies to design a fluid plan to be carried out in the case of natural disaster. In the case of an emergency, the COAD will provide human resources to Henderson County residents.

As of January 1, 2016, the Henderson County COAD will have established a thorough plan to activate Henderson County's disaster relief agencies and organizations in the case of a natural disaster (i.e. the flood of 2008). Family Outreach Community Center has been selected to act as the fiscal agent for the Henderson County COAD to activate funds when the funds are needed.

The COAD is currently trying to establish a strong volunteer base that can be mobilized quickly. The group will concentrate on everything from basic human needs, to protecting the Henderson County resident's economic integrity through these disasters. For example, the COAD will be developing an Agricultural annex/ committee that will focus on livestock relocation and field cleanup.

The Henderson County board has decided to uphold their standing regulations in regards to the sale of propane. The board has decided to deny B&B Propane the right to sell propane at their new location in Henderson County until they meet the county's minimum safety requirements.

B&B propane is currently set up on a 2.25 acre lot. The current regulations mandate that propane tanks be located on a plot at least 5 acres in size. These regulations are upheld to ensure the safety of nearby residents. However, if B&B decides to follow the current rules and attain proper permits, B&B will be allowed to sell their product.

Angela Myers presented the Henderson County Board with updates about the increasing fortitude of the Henderson County Health Department. Myers reported that Erin Anderson will continue as the acting administrator until the position is filled by another qualified candidate. Myers made it clear that the Health Department is working harder than ever to restructure the Health Department in a sustainable manner.

The Health Department has officially reapplied for WIAAA funding. Myers is confident in the grant request that her and her colleagues have written together. If all goes well the HCHD hopes to provide WIAAA programs by October 1, 2015.

The Henderson County Health Department is looking for 23 men of Henderson County to volunteer to donate blood at the HCHD. These samples will be used to help the Henderson County Health Department write a grant that will provide funding for prostate cancer prevention.

The Henderson County Board also voted unanimously to reappoint Brian Good to the Henderson County Board of Health for another 3 year term. The HCHD will continue to work closely with the Henderson County board in order to establish an organization that embodies Henderson County's best interest.

Henderson County Animal Control will no longer be taking calls after dark. Night animal searches have the potential to be extremely dangerous for Animal Control workers. Therefore, Henderson County residents concerned with free roaming animals in the late hours should contact their local Sheriff's office where police will decide how to handle the specific situation.

The county Farmland Assessment Review Committee is looking for two committed farmers in Henderson County to dedicate time to the committee. The appointment has been tabled until two farmers step forward to share this responsibility.

The board approved the reappointment of several community members to the several facets of Henderson County's infrastructure. Russ Campbell was reappointed as a Trustee for the Little York Fire District for a three year term. Roger Dermer and Jake Seitz were reappointed as Trustees for the Glad-Gulf Fire District for three year terms. And Gerald Shutwell was reappointed as a Trustee for the Biggsville Fire District for a three year term.

The board approved the Semi Annual Report of the County Clerk.