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Phase 1 of Dr. Robert Pogue Memorial Spray Park Is To Begin August 10th

Beyond the basketball court of the Stronghurst City Park where once was a sand volleyball court, all too seldom used, and had drawn more cats than it had kids, will soon be the sight of a new spray park for summer fun. It should bring enjoyment as well as a cool breeze for those sitting around watching those running through the water sprays on these warm summer days, but it also will be a "remembering spot" in the middle of Stronghurst that was loved so by their special doctor, the late Robert M. Pogue M.D. ("Dr. Bob"). According to Jade Parker, spokes person for the Stronghurst Booster Club project, $104,000 has been raised for what was initially a $130,000 project. In order to put the project into use this year, the project will be done in two phases with the biggest expense, Phase 1, the spray pad with water jets, installed first. The adverse weather has pushed phase 1 to August 10th-14th, hopefully allowing the city to turn on the feature a week later.

Phase 2, consisting of three above ground water features, will be installed as money is acquired. The plan is for the spray park to continually expand over the years from fundraisers as an ongoing memorial to "Dr. Bob". Average cost of a feature is $5,000. Any donation will help. Also, Memorial bricks are available at $100, $500, $1,000, and $5,000. Call Jade at 309.337.1950.