The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Stronghurst Village Board

 Christmas Lighting Contest Winners Named

At the Stronghurst Village Board meeting held on January 5, 2015, Arbry Vancil announced the winners for the Christmas Lighting Contest. In the business category Bygones and Buds received first place and Bob's TV was named second.

The residential winners were Luke Deverell first and Barry Dowell, second.

Steve Haring from MSA attended the meeting to discuss with the board the bids for soil borings and its analysis. There had been two responses received, one from Whitney & Associates for $3,972 and the other from Terracon for $5,250. The board voted unanimously to hire Whitney & Associates for the job.

Mike Bohnenkamp reported the squad car s price came in less than they had thought. With the trade in, the cost will be $21,500 and should arrive in about 30-60 days. Bohnenkamp also reported they should get the money back for Colton's classes because of his outstanding grades.

The police report for the month of December included: 135.5 hours worked; 798 miles on squad car; 6 traffic stops; 4 verbal warnings; 1 written warning; 1 uniform traffic ticket; 7 agency assists; 3 ambulance calls-2 county; 15 business courtesy checks.

Lou Ann Nortrup requested the board increase the amount of taxes on the health insurance. The village s CPA, Joni Blackman, had figured the amount would increase from $300 to $407.60 per month. On a motion by Mike Bohnenkamp, seconded by Brendan Schaley, trustees Betty Waterman, Mike Bohnenkamp, and Brendan Schaley voted yea, with David Vancil voting nay.

The passing of motor fuel estimated expenses for 2015 was tabled until the next meeting giving Nortrup time to call the Department of Transportation to discuss the situation.

Present: Trustees, Mike Bohnenkamp, Bendan Schaley, Betty Waterman, David Vancil, and Tony Anderson, serving as president pro tem; Employees, Lou Ann Nortrup, Arbry Vancil and Colton Smith; Guests, David Knutstrom and Steve Haring.

The meeting adjourned at 7:37 p.m. until Monday, February 2, 2015 at 7:00 p..m.