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New Truck Helps Give Better Care To City Streets

The new La Harpe city dump truck, a 1998 Ford Cummins Diesel, bought purchased in December for $25,000, replaced the worn out 1985 Chevrolet truck that the city had used for years. It was one of the bigger purchases for the city last year but is paying off already for city employee Wayne Humphrey.

"I have heat on the cold days now and this truck has better safety lights than the old one did," Humphrey says, who is really enjoying the warmth of the vehicle and its added features. "The "85 truck had a roll spreader, but the newer Ford truck has a V-box type spreader, and this truck is more powerful than the old "85. Also, the new truck sets up much better with more visibility.

Humphrey said the snowplow from the old truck was able to be used on the new Ford, and the tire chains from the old one fit the new truck as well."