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Who Are You Giving Your Heart To This Valentine's Day?

By Elaine Slater Reese

What we think of on Valentine's Day probably has a lot to do with our age. Young children are excited about school parties, addressing valentines to their friends, cookies, cupcakes, and candies.

Probably boys in upper elementary or junior high could care less. The girls are excited - sending emails to their first love and calling him on their smart phones. Older teenagers are looking forward to flowers, gifts, and probably a date. Parents send specially selected cards to their children telling them how much they are loved.

And, of course, grandparents must remember their grandchildren. And we send valentines to our friends - maybe even our pets!

Most of us remember our first love - the one we gave our heart to for the first time. Some of us remember when our heart was then broken. And there are those who find other loves but always have a special place in their heart for that first real love.

I was trying to decide what to write in valentines this year. Nothing seemed right. My thoughts were blurred - my head was swirling each day as I took time to watch or listen to the national news.

I would like to believe I am not a pessimist. But never in my life can I remember so much of the world being in such a desperate situation. And though many will scoff at this, we see more and more Bible prophesies being fulfilled. No one wants to hear these kinds of words on Valentine messages.

And then there it was! We happened to be passing a beautiful old church set perfectly on the top of a hill. In front of the church was the large sign - usually changed weekly. This week's message displayed a simple but beautiful red heart. The words under it were the message of love - perfect to share on valentines to loved one.

They said "Give your heart to Jesus!" I knew immediately that this was the message of love I wanted to share with all on February 14th.

Elaine Reese is a freelance writer who grew up in Bowen in Hancock County, Illinois and considers that home even though she has now lived in Spring Green, Wisconsin for over 20 years. She says "The Quill" always keeps her updated.