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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Climate Change, Rural Addressing"

Greetings to ever one in western Illinois and all readers of The Quill.

Last Sunday, we got us a bit of snow, around 9" to 10", along with a passel of wind, fer starters. Most folk hugged rather close to home duri'n the storm and that was good fer their safety.

On the way ta Burlington on Route 34 about 2 miles east of the bridge there was 5 or 6 cars in the ditch, all within a short distance of each other.

One was even lay'n upside down in the ditch. Others elsewhere, include'n semi-trucks, found rest in ditches less than invite'n.There weren't any passengers nearby so I reckon they got a ride ta get near a TV ta watch the football game.

It's winter and around these parts ya can figure on some cold weather and a few snowstorms pass'n through from up north from time to time.

With today's 4-wheel drive vehicles, cell phones, modern warm clothing, and up-ta-date snow removal equipment a feller can pretty much make it ta where ever they wants ta, if'n they has a strong enough will to.

Drive'n sensibly helps a lot and in the event something goes wrong, ya can dial The White House fer help if'n it suits ya.

But then, they might be off on a golf'n trip or somewhere it's warm, so maybe ya better try somewhere a little more nearby.

Climate Change

Some folk are "gullible" enough and believe these storms are part of "climate change" which is the term what has now replaced "global warming".

After many years of no good unaltered facts ta back up "global warming" they figures they needed ta come up with a new term ta fuel the "scare".

If'n ya has a mind of your own and are not buy'n into the cult of "climate change" formerly known as "global warming", check inta the website ( It is an excellent source fer authoritative science and reporting that debunks the claims of climate alarmists.

Climatologist Dr. Roy Spencer sez the public is be'n mislead: "I am embarrassed by the scientific community's behavior on the subject".

Politicians are infected by one-sided reporting. When they can't get together ta govern Washington or balance the budget what makes any one believe they has an ounce of credibility in analyze'n the weather.

Rural Addressing

One of the boys brought ta one of our gather'ns the other day the article by Sally Day in The Quill (1-14-15) about "Rural Addressing."

It seems the county board somehow has inquired of Jon Hodel of Cloud Point Geographics of Roanoke, Illinois ta come before the board last January 13, 2014 ta explain how he was gonna justify get'n into the county coffers ta the tune of $30,000 or more fer "Rural Addressing".

He is now soak'n Stark County, the smallest county in the state. It is supposed he wants ta graduate his expertise into more grandeur style.

It seems he would contact post offices in the county first. Next, he would "travel the roads" of the county and "find" the locations of the addresses. Most of the boys didn't care ta be found by him. They know exactly where they is at! Then he would assign a new number or address based on the GPS location. Of course everyone knows GPS is the magic term.

Postal customers would then receive an "old address" and a "new address" and have a "certain amount of time" to begin utilizing the new address. Some feel it provides better opportunity, then, fer the government ta spy and keep tract of everone.

Fer yer $30,000 gift ta Hodel ya gets the follow'n benefits:

-Promptly change the addresses on all your legal documents, social security, drivers license, hospitals and doctors, and farm service agency. Everyone ya does business with in any way shape or form, all insurance records (liability, comprehension, auto, farm, health, etc. etc.), secretary of state fer all your vehicle licenses, and registrations, any and all friends and relatives far and near, casual and infrequent included, all magazine and newspaper subscriptions, and the list goes on and on as if ya have noth'n else ta do.

-If'n there is someone or an entity that ya forgets ta notify and they use the old address without your knowledge, it gets sent back after a spell. Let's say in 5 years yer long lost relative dies and leaves ya some money. It gets sent back by the post office due ta improper address'n and the state confiscates yer loot. Any bills not received, and ya gets ta pay the penalty!

-New sign with address will need ta be made and placed where visible from the road. Of course vandals would never destroy, paint over or shoot those signs. What expense is allowed fer this cost and who pays? But of course the resident gets ta pay and probably be penalized if not properly located exactly as specified.

-And of course, sign placement expense would be associated with J.U.L.I.E. necessities. Never mind sign placement in the wife's favorite flower spot.

The boys, along with some other local residents thoroughly discussed this draconian proposal in great length after it appeared in the paper. It drew in quite an audience with many negative opinions.

The question came up as to whether this was mandated by some higher government authority. An unfunded mandate if ya will. If not, after all these years, why the change? Is it ta be like the Jones?

They felt that simply would be a silly reason for all the aggravation and expense it involves. Kinda like some of the EPA regulations that come our way from those soft headed bureaucrats in Washington, from time to time.

Well, the debate on the subject became rather heated and a few of the fellers outside our normal group seemed ta be rather riled up as they gathered up steam. That is ta say if'n ya considers "cuss'n and swear'n" riled up. As fer me, I got my hide outa the battle soon enough not ta loose any friends, I hope.

Anyways, unless this "Rural Addressing" is mandated somehow, it is proposed by several that the county could spend their money in a better manner than ta cause their residents such unnecessary grief and aggravation.

It has been suggested, if'n the county, is so plush with cash, they should give the money ta local fire departments or townships fer road repairs.

If'n it is mandated somehow, then everyone just needs ta suck it up, take a deep breath, count ta ten and get over it. "Elections Have Consequences," as they say. They also should budget time and money fer themselves and the county coffers ta comply.

Oh, expect a Christmas card from that niced Mr. Jon Hodel fer the monetary gift ya will be a given him-that slick talk'n lucky bugger"!

As fer me, I'm just gonna dwell on the subject fer a spell.

Farewell Robert Reed, ya lived your "Dash" well.

Have a good week, be safe, and hope ta see you'ns in church this weekend.

Where ever ya is, what ever ya be a do'n, BE A GOOD ONE!

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later

Barnyard Bruke