The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Oquawka Village Board December Meeting

-by Deb Olson, The Quill

The December 1st meeting of the Oquawka Village Board was called to order at 6:30 p.m. by Mayor Sandra Fullerton-Moody. The mayor invited all to attend the soup supper and parade on December 5th which was to benefit the Oquawka Toy Drive.

There was a discussion regarding the rebuilding of the United Methodist Church garage. A permit had already been issued but the former building was declared to be non-compliant. It was determined that it was up to the trustees to decide how to proceed. Trustee Lafferty moved that a new permit be issued for the UMC garage. Motion was seconded by Fedler. Board unanimously voted yes and approved the permit.

The changing of wording in municipal utility tax ordinance #720 was discussed which would make the village tax exempt. As the ordinance could not be located in the court house it was suggested that an attempt be made to contact former attorney Steve Lumbeck for clarification of the wording of the ordinance. This matter was deferred to the January meeting.

Attorney Andy Youngquist responded to questions regarding the ordinance amended last month to allow 4 x 4, ATV's and side by sides on city street. He informed the board that wouldn't take effect until the appropriate signage had been put up. Consultation of the IDOT sign book would illustrate what the appropriate signage would be.

Clerk Sandy Huff informed the board that changes needed to be made to all village bank accounts so the name of the new treasurer Christine Peterson was added to these accounts. Trustee Bundy moved that all accounts be updated with the name of the new Treasurer. Fedler seconded the motion and the motion carried.

Street and Water Superintendent provided the following information for November. There were 6 calls for location of water lines, 12 pink slips issued, 1 water turn off. Two trees were cut down, the plow has gone out twice.

Police Chief Keith DeJaynes reported the following criminal arrests: 1 D.U.I., 1 aggravated battery, 2 endangering the life of a child, 2 possession of cannabis, 2 possession of drug paraphenalia and 1 criminal trespass to property.

The police department provided 4 ambulance assists and 5 assists to the county sheriff's office. There was 1 domestic call, 3 civil disturbances, 5 tavern calls, 2 ordinance violations 1 golf cart inspection.

The following traffic citations were issued: 9 speeding, 5 disobeying stop sign, 3 warnings and 1 illegal transportation of alcoholic liquor. There were 32 other calls.

Two warrants were served. Fuel consumption was 127.8 gallons. Milage was 1, 421 miles. Fines were paid as follows: Office paid fines were $600, Warrant fine $140 E-citation - $3.20, Ordinance violation fines were $54.25. DUI Fund is $84.50. This makes for a total of $881.95 paid fines.

Trustee Bundy requested that the board be apprised of names of those getting permits. The ATV permits will begin on January 1st and will be valid through Dec 31st. The ordinance will become valid when the board signs off on it.

As part of the Parks and Recreation report Trustee Bundy requested gravel be added to the turn-around. In old business there was a discussion of Schuyler Street IDOT contract with no action taken.

In new Business, Andy Gaddis of Sunrise Sanitation presented a proposal by which the city would save $240.

Decision was postponed as board wished to determine when contract with previous provider expires.

In regards to city owned property south of the CGB grain elevator, Trustee Ray moved that the Olson's (Sunrise Marina) be allowed to bolster said city property by providing rip rap for the sea wall of existing village property on the river's edge. Kuberski seconded the motion. The motion carried.

In regards to the adoption of a tax levy ordinance, there was a motion by Trustee Fedler to approve ordinance 872 in anticipation of a property tax increase. Trustee Ray seconded the motion. The motion carried.

The November bills and minutes and the October treasurer's report were approved

At 7:21 the board, on a motion by Eldridge seconded by Lafferty, went into Executive session to discuss village employee benefits.

All board members were present. The Oquawka zoning officer was absent. Outside the employees and board, only two guests and Quill reporter Deb Olson were present.