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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Deer Season-Polar Express-Festival of Lights-Day of Infamy-Dignitatis Humane-Ya Get Ta Choose"

Greetings ta ever one in western Illinois and all readers of The Quill.

We are have'n a bit better weather with temperatures warm'n up a bit. Some folks are gett'n some outside work done around home and in the yard and others are wonder'n if'n there might be one last opportunity fer some final field work. Most folk hardly think it will happen with all the rain we have had of late and as muddy as the fields are.

Deer Season Again

Last weekend was the final time fer shot gun deer season here in Illinois. Muzzle loading rifle season is next weekend and bow season continues on. I am constantly amazed at the high number of deer bagged around these parts. Many of them approach trophy size.

One group of men hunted all weekend without much luck. After the season was over, one of their wives bagged an 8 point buck, after dark, with her six month new car. She was not very proud of her success however, in view of the damage it caused her vehicle.

Iowa deer hunting season was last week as well. I understand there was a shooting accident involved but haven't heard the details yet. I'm sure they need our prayers no matter what the out come.

Polar Express

Last weekend was the "Polar Express" at the "Old Threshers" Park in Mt. Pleasant, Iowa. It is very enterest'n to see that old steam engine fire up fer a trip ta the North Pole and all that is found there.

Festival Of Lights

After ya take a trip to the North Pole on an old steam engine locomotive train, there awaits after dark, on the festival campgrounds the "Festival of Lights". It's an amaze'n array of lights and caricatures of many designs and messages. Each of the large number of displays are sponsored by a different merchant

Whilst travel'n the lengthy route of light displays ya are instructed to dial in a local Mt. Pleasant radio station. There ya can tour the displays whilst listen'n ta some beautiful Christmas music. It's a fun and relax'n trip ta be made with family and friends of all ages. The designs of the displays are simply amaze'n.

Day of Infamy.

Last Monday, December 7, is the day of two important historic events. Of course it was the "Day of Infamy" that Pearl Harbor was attacked draw'n the United States into the official declaration of World War II. December 7 is referred to as Pearl Harbor Day.

Dignitatis Humanae

December 7 also marks the 50th anniversary of one of the most pivotal documents in the Catholic Church's 2000 year history: Dignitatis Humanae or "On The Dignity of the Human Person." It was issued at the close of the Second Vatican Council in 1965 and started the church's belief "that the human person has a right to religious freedom."

The accord arose from sacred scripture and sacred tradition "the treasury out of which the church continually brings forth new things that are in harmony with the things that are old."

Across America, folks of faith have been fined and punished fer express'n and act'n upon their religious convictions in their places of work, most notably concern'n the nature and mean'n of marriage.

Some face crippl'n fines fer refuse'n ta betray their beliefs about the dignity of life.

You Get Ta Choose

A large part of the New Testament is a call to obedience. This means we get ta choose the path we will walk. We get to choose our lifestyle and our destiny. So what are some of these choices a feller can make as described in scripture.

Choose love over hatred. This means that ya will not give in ta bitterness or malice toward God or man. Ya won't let any person or circumstance upset your apple cart.

Choose joy over unhappiness. Consider God in relation to every cloud, every sad face. Refuse the temptation to be cynical.

Choose peace. Find it first in your own forgiven heart, and then forgive every trespass against yourself.

Choose patience. Instead of clench'n your fists or teeth at people or circumstances, be thankful the delay offered ya time to pray and meditate. Choose patience by lett'n others go first.

Choose goodness and kindness. Deplore dishonest gain at someone else's expense. Go the second mile . Be will'n to acknowledge before ya give a rebuke. Cut ever one plenty of slack, sort of speak and think of the "Golden Rule" on how ya would like ta be treated if'n the roles were reversed.

Choose faith and faithfulness. Keep your promises to your creditors, your friends, your family and your God.

Choose meekness. Choose not ta raise your voice, your blood pressure, or your fist.

Choose self-control. Remember, the choice is yours in all situations.

There ya have it then, that's all I've got fer this week's column, as it relates ta the week's events.

Hope'n ya have a good rest of the week. Visit a friend or relative in the nurse'n home or hospital. Help someone in need and give an earnest listen'n ear ta any of their troubles. Keep active in prayer.

Hope'n ta see ya in church this week.

Remember: "Wherever ya is, whatever ya be a do'n


Keep on Smile'n

Catch Ya Later