The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

 B&B Propane Location Discussed

by Jacob Irish, The Quill

The Henderson County Board assembled at 8:30 a.m. Tuesday August 11th to discuss innovations and renovations to Henderson County. Following the approval of July's minutes as and all claims paid in July of 2015, the board jumped into discussion over the controversial B&B Propane location.

In previous months, the board has discussed B&B's failure to obtain the necessary permits to build a 30,000 gallon propane tank in-between Carman and Lomax. Recently B&B representative Larry Bentler stood before the Henderson County Appeals Court asking for forgiveness and ultimately an opportunity to continue storing and selling propane in Henderson County.

After submitting the necessary paper work, B&B Propane was granted a second chance with a three to one vote from the Appeals Board. This gives B&B full rights to continue storing and distributing propane as long as the decision is backed by the Henderson County Board.

The apologetic Larry Bentler attended the August Board Meeting to ask for forgiveness, and a second chance. The original motion to rezone B&B's land from an agricultural district to a B3 turned into a conversation focused on moral obligation. n.

The board made it clear that even though B&B had finally jumped through all the necessary hoops, B&B still needs to make amends with the neighbors they surprised with the quick installation of a 30,000 gallon propane tank.

Larry Bentler mentioned that he offered his neighbor the remaining 2.5 acres of the 5 acres that he had purchased for the tank.

According to Bentler, this land is furnished with grain bins that could potentially be loaned out for thousands of dollars a year. This offer was declined, but another deal was struck before the board.

Bentler agreed to purchase and plant tall Evergreen trees on the property line to block view of the tank.

Board member Lafary eventually laid all the facts on the field. Lafary mentioned that Bentler and B&B have filled out all of the appropriate paper work and has been granted permission by the Appeals Board, therefore all of B&B's 5 acres should be rezoned as a B3 district and given the right to store and distribute propane. The board voted in favor to the zoning change, changing the entirety of the five acres from agricultural land to a B3 zoning district.

In other news, the Henderson County Board announced that the Henderson County Health Department has hired a new administrator. Angela Myers will be taking over administrative duties in the next month as she eases out of her duties as a registered nurse.

Myers has been serving on the HCHD's board since the spring of 2015. Angela has been critical to the health department's success following the loss of the WIAAA funding. Myers still acknowledges that there is a lot to be done to carry the HCHD out of the hole it is in, but she is optimistic about the future.

The Henderson County Board has also made the decision to appoint Mary-Grace Carlson to the Henderson County Health Board to fill the vacancy of Deloris Melburg. Mary is the Branch Manager and Loan Officer of Casey State Bank in Biggsville. Mary;s expertise will be used to help move the HCHD away from its lingering financial issues.

Mary Parsons has been appointed as Henderson County's EMS Coordinator. Similarly, Mary Parsons and Tammy Bundy have been appointed as Scheduling Coo rdinators for all County Ambulance Services. The Scheduling Coordinators have been selected to make a detailed schedule of when emergency crew members are most likely to be available. This is a mandatory schedule that all counties must have. This is a schedule of predicted availability. Volunteer emergency crew members will not be held responsible if they are not available during their scheduled time.

The Henderson County Board is trying to find a resolution to pay for EMT classes. According to the board, each person that takes the course costs the county $500. However, the county has had problems retaining the EMTs that they train. In a few instances students of the EMT class have finished the course for free and then taken their certifications elsewhere. The board will be deciding how to fix this problem throughout the remainder of the month. .

Due to increased violence in Gulfport, the board has decided that they need to ensure the safety of their police officers. Richard Clifton and the board have decided to never send a police officer to Gulfport without backup. Lafary mentioned that we would like to see Henderson County work closely with the Burlington Police Department to keep Gulfport safe, while also protecting the police.

After months of talk the Henderson County Court House will officially be getting new security cameras within the coming month. The system is projected to cost the county $1,850 and will give the guard a full range of view to ensure the protection of the building and those within it. This new system will be able to record footage for up to 30 days.

The board will be meeting with police officials in Oquawka to decide whether to contract the Oquawka Police Department with the Henderson County Police Department. The decision has been tabled until a feasible plan is created.