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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "August-Gas Prices-Fall's A Com'n-History Lesson"

Greetings ta ever one in western Illinois and all readers of The Quill.

As I write this column, it has been a nice warm weekend. The weatherman is call'n fer rain by the time ya are able ta read this. It will be enterest'n ta see what comes of his forecast. Sure hope no bad damage'n storms develop.


This past weekend seemed busy fer many folk. August is full of last minute vacations and visits ta relatives before school starts.

Some have family reunions, churches had ice cream socials and remembrance services, state fairs, family picnics or those folks who may be the lucky ones, simply staying home or in the community ta relax and take'n in the beauty of what lies around them.

But for parents with some chillens still at home, I expect, it's difficult if'n you have some headed off fer college. These parents are hopin' they're be learn'n lessons applicable to a good profession.

They understand they'll be exposed ta a variety of different cultures in college. Some of it will be consistent with what they've been taught at home, and others will challenge their belief system.

The results depends on the strength of the lessons taught by their parents and local community and their propensity to rebel against the culture they've learned thus far.

For those that are going for their first year, we wish them best regards and a good start.

For those who are a year or two into the system, I urge "em to maintain the good value system their parents have taught them.

For those of you who wish to reject all of that, and start in on a new value system, I wish you the best regards in your exploration.

Gas Prices

Gasoline prices dropped very low last week, clear down ta 2.12/gallon in a town in Knox County. By the weekend they made an overnight increase of over 60 cents, in one lick based on a refinery shutting down, ta over $2.80 per gallon.

Not sure that's a legimate reason, but more than anything, I assume it was ta take advantage of ever one traveling.

Fall's A Com'n

As summer is winding down I notice many changes. Fer one thing it is hotter than ever. I suppose because school is start'n and hot weather is a tradition the first week or so of the new school year.

The Cicada (locusts) are a screech'n ta high and mighty, unless of course your ears ring continually from be'n around loud noises to long. Those ugly fellers and the crickets shore make fer some enterest'n even'n sounds.

I always look forward ta the swallows gather'n fer long strings on the power lines this time of year as they prepare ta migrate. It's a sure sign changes are a come'n.

I noticed three good nests of Barn Swallows hatch out in my barn this year. The last of em left their nest last week. They give the barn cats fits try'n ta catch em but were able ta stay outa their reach.

It's fun watch'n the parent swallows swoop in and deliver a bug ta their wide open mouths, one by one, right quick after another. How they know ta divide up the bugs evenly ta those open mouths and not short a single one is beyond me. They shore seem ta do it well.

Some of the early planted corn is begin'n ta dent and grey leaf spot is show'n up in certain fields. Fer the soybeans, sudden death syndrome is show'n up in some fields. This early and that decrease can affect yields more than ya would like ta think about.

Is it my imagination or are the flowers particularly colorful this time of year? What ever be the case, it is fun watch'n the humm'n birds feed on em.

And, where do those pesky moles come from all of a sudden? One showed up with his tunnels and mounds of dirt in our yard and is make'n quite a mess. So far I've proven I'm not much of a trapper as he has escaped my efforts.

History Lesson

Don't forget the Henderson County Geneology and Family History Society will present a program Thursday, August 20th at the Henderson County Library in Biggsville.

Gloria Short will be present'n a discussion on Nathan Wever and the Media-Wever Academy. Ya don't want ta miss this enterest'n event of Henderson County history.

That's all fer this weeks column.

Hope'n to see ya in church this week. Wherever ya is, whatever ya be a do'n "BE A GOOD ONE!"

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later