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Music And Fun In La Harpe

Talent and music, jokes and humor were all a part of the 5th Annual Hometown Harmonies program presented on Sunday, July 26, 2015.

A large crowed settled into the comfortable L. H. Christian Church for a delightful variety show, the entertainers being their friends and neighbors of the La Harpe area.

As in other years, Hometown Harmonies marks the end of Summerfest with an afternoon of music and laughter.

As a prelude, Bonnie Crabill Stewart's piano melodies were enjoyed. Emcee Rick Goettsche welcomed the audience, then introduced each act with cheerful and often impromptu banter.

The show opened with a rousing piano duet of "Won't You Come Home, Bill Bailey?" by Logan Little and his piano teacher, Kathy Corzatt Butler. Logan followed with a piano solo of "Bohemian Rhapsody".

Next, a trio of Craig, Chris and Deanne Corzatt sang "Though You Slay Me" with their own guitar and keyboard accompaniment. A ladies quartet comprised of Susan Knobbs Keith, Becky Cratsenberg Wilhite, Laura Wilhite, and Kathy Cratsenberg Kendall sang a lovely a cappella version of the hymn "It is Well With My Soul".

The next act was a first for this hometown variety show: a beautiful violin solo, "Butterfly Waltz" by Lynita Stambaugh. Her talented accompanist was Sydney Gerst.

Then, a show regular, Jack Mc Kinnon, entertained the crowd with humorous, yet true reflections of "How Did We Survive the 60's?" Heads were nodding in agreement with these memories of childhood in the "old" days.

Another first for the show was a video performance by Julie Butler Smith singing "Count on Me" as she played her ukulele.

The crowd was charmed by a unique duet of bass guitar and dobro performing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow". Marshall Adams on bass guitar and Kevin Beals on dobro are both self-taught musicians who enjoy playing for themselves and now for the community. Marshall Adams told the musical purpose of the bass guitar in songs, then moved into a demonstration by playing "Stand By Me".

Kevin Beals performed a solo on the dobro, "Just As I Am".

A beautiful, professional sounding rendition of "Surely the Presence" was sung by a trio comprised of Melissa Furrow Burt, Monica Mueller Crim, and Amy Palmer.

Next a piano-guitar duet, "Summertime" was presented by the grandmother/ grandson team of Peg Cordell Webster and Dominic Jones. Beautiful piano skills and guitar techniques were evident. Dominic also sang "Last Train to Amsterdam" which demonstrated his talent and guitar skills.

An annual favorite, Boyd Mueller, had the crowd laughing and clapping with his humorous telling of "Marriage Stories".

Marshall Adams returned to the stage to play a "Fun Blues Medley" on the baby grand piano.

The crowd then enjoyed another talent new to this show, Todd Stevens, singing the country/ gospel selection "Please Come Down to Me".

Four ladies, Kathy Corzatt Butler, Linetta Little Null, Bonnie Crabill Stewart, and Peg Cordell Webster performed well-known patriotic tunes as a two piano-four person duet.

The double duet continued with a fun, unexpected ending to the show. The audience was invited to sing the famous commercials as soon as they recognized the tunes.The audience quickly caught on the tune of "I Wish I Were an Oscar Meyer Weiner".

First the crowd was singing then laughing as Holly Jones appeared on stage wearing a hot- dog costume! The music changed to "The Alka Seltzer Song" and Holly brought down the house by tossing little packets of the antacid into to the crowd as they sang!

In a yearly tradition, the crowd and musicians all sang "I'll Fly Away" as the performers returned to the stage for recognition and photos.

The enthusiastic audience made their appreciation known for the many laughs and musical surprises in the show!

In addition to the performers who share their love of music, talent, and time, other town's people are needed to make a smooth running, enjoyable program. Volunteers Chad Burt, Eric, Jenni, and Logan Little, and Valerie Butler all gave generously of their various skills. La Harpe is fortunate for the musical talents and community spirit among its citizens.