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Meet Your Neighbor

Meet your neighbor Rhonda Hitchcock of rural Monmouth. Rhonda is the new postmaster at the La Harpe Post Office.

Rhonda Reynolds was born in Monmouth and graduated from Knoxville High school in 1981. She then attended Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville for 3 years.

Rhonda is the daughter of Karen and Fred Rubison and Don Reynolds. Karen is a retired nurse, Fred retired from Maytag as a manager and Don is a retired mail carrier. Rhonda has two sisters, Teresa McGovern and Jackie Dawson. Teresa lives in Knoxville, is a nurse and has one daughter, Reilly who is 16. Jackie lives in Elmwood, is a cashier and has three children, daughters Kristie, 23 and Tara, 26, and son Patrick, 19.

Rhonda is the granddaughter of the late Mabel and Glen Reynolds. They were born in Stronghurst and had an iris farm in Monmouth.

In 1998, Rhonda married Shaun Hitchcock of Andalusia. Shaun is the postmaster in Abingdon. Rhonda and Shaun have three children. Son, Brendon is 26, and daughter Madeline is 23, and Hannah is 16 and attends United High School.

Rhonda has been the postmaster at La Harpe for 3 months. Before that she was the Postmaster in Oquawka for 11 years. She has been with the postal service for 31 years.

Rhonda received the 2014 award from the post office for "Rising Star" for her work on projects for the district finance department. Rhonda enjoyed visiting her friend from Germany that was a foreign exchange student when they were in high school. She lived with Rhonda for 5 months after she graduated from high school. Rhonda and family went to Germany in 2003 to visit again.

Rhonda belongs to the Human Rights Campaign and the National League of Postmasters. In her spare time, Rhonda enjoys her new grandson, Charlie who is 3 months old. She is also a pet lover, having 31 cats, and 2 dogs, all rescues. They have raised 5 opossums, a mole and 4 baby birds.