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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Plant'n Time - Mushrooms Are Out - Final Keokuk Civil War Reenactment

Greetings to ever one in western Illinois and all readers of The Quill.

I'm a hope'n this column finds ever one in good spirits and prepared fer May 1, which will be this Friday already.

Quite a few fellers parked their corn planters last week and set about do'n someth'n else. Not every one did, but those that stopped fer a spell was afraid of get'n seed in the ground and within 48 hours have'n a cold shower on it. It has been reported frequently that seed in the ground that absorbs cold moisture will have lower yields come next fall.

With the season be'n relatively early, yet last week, they figures it was a safe gamble ta hold off fer a spell.

As it turns out the rains was mighty sparse around these parts. Many areas reported around three tenths of an inch. North and south of our area received more than us, once again, with reports of one ta two inches.

The early planted corn is emerged from the ground enough ta easily row it. That was noticed the later part of last week.

Some fellers has already planted beans.

One feller I know of was a plant'n his soybeans rather rapidly with his twenty-four row planter, up and until his seed dealer contacted him and reminded him of last years heavy losses ta sudden death syndrome (SDS) with the cold weather and cold ground he felt the chances fer stressed caused SDS were increased considerably. As early as it is Mr. 24 row planter decided ta use caution fer a spell.

The fruit trees are a blossom'n as heavy as I have seen em in recent years. The cooler weather that threatened frost had ever one worried fer a night or two but, all appearances at this time is that they escaped damage fer now. Mmmm, I can almost taste that fruit already.

There has been some price bargains on raspberry, blackberry, blueberry and grape vines around these parts in various local stores. Needless ta say we planted our share, add'n ta those that we already have. Can't have too much fruit and berries ta share with friends, neighbors and relatives.

The blossoms on the peach, apple, apricot, cherry, plum and pear trees have provided a beautiful picture. Add ta that the sweet smell of the lilac bushes and it's mighty pleasant ta be out in our orchard this time of the year. We've got several of each kind of fruit tree and have high hopes of share'n a bountiful harvest of all as summer moves along.

The Mrs. has already fixed up a batch of rhubarb and my it went down the gullet mighty easy. Asparagus has not come on yet fer us but, I'm anxious fer it ta happen.

And guess what? The grandchillen has come up with a good bunch of morel mushrooms. They say they is a gonna share them with grandma and grandpa. I cain't wait and my mouth salivates think'n of em now as I'm a write'n this column.

I took my grandson over ta the Keokuk Civil War Reenactment last weekend. Saturday was a bit uncomfortable with the cold and rain and all, but I guess wars were not held off fer inclimate weather. The South won the battle Saturday. Sunday was a much nicer day and the South surrendered ta the North ta end the war. I guess by that, one can assume the South fought better in bad weather?

They brought soil from the home state of those out of state soldiers buried in the Keokuk National Cemetery and had a church service there as well. Saturday night was a military ball with ladies and gents all dressed ta match the period. Generals and other folk gave speeches periodically and their opinions didn't seem ta change much in the last one hundred fifty years or so.

It's kinda like a feller I know who watched the same movie over and over again hope'n the good guys would come out better each time he watched it!

There was a medicine man show as a ventriloquist at the event again this year and he had a lot of humor. He was good.

One booth at the event offered fried frog legs, from China, ta eat. They was a popular item. My grandson had never eat'n frog legs before so I treated him ta some.

I'm afraid american bullfrogs, around these parts in the ponds and creeks, will now be under attack by that grandson. He shore liked em a lot and they was a memory builder fer him. I also bought him some sarsaparilla but he had drank that before. It's shore fun spoil'n grandchillen!

I think I'll stop this column on that note.

You grandparent's know what I'm a talk'n about in that area of spoil'n grandchillen and then send'n em home fer the parents ta contend with.

Hope'n ta see youn's all in church this week. Do someone a kind deed as ya goes throughout the week.

Where ever ya is, what ever ya be a do'n. "BE A GOOD ONE!"

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later