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Henderson County Looks To Get A Tech Makeover

by Jacob Irish, The Quill

Oquawka, IL. (April 14, 2015) Security and technological upgrades were the big topic of discussion at this month's Henderson County board meeting on April 14th.

The board discussed a proposal to upgrade the current security camera system at the Henderson County Courthouse. The proposed changes are assumed to cost about $3,600.

This money will be spent to equip the courthouse with 16 new high definition cameras, a monitor, and an archive system.

The current security system is said to only have 8 cameras, many of which are unable to capture clear images.

The proposal notes that the courthouse currently does not have the ability record footage.

The new system would be hooked up to an archive system, allowing the courthouse to save footage up to 30 days after the footage is recorded. In order to accommodate for the increased number of cameras, the proposal also contains plans to purchase a new, large monitor that will give the guard on duty the ability to watch all cameras on one screen at the same time. This proposal was tabled until May s board meeting.

Similarly, the Henderson County Sheriff's office plans to update their computer software. The computers at the Sheriff's office are currently running on software over a decade old, Windows XP (2001).

The sheriff's office has proposed to bring the current system up-to-date by installing new software into their computers. The software will be paid for by using money out of the Jail Fund.

In other news; questions arose when the board discussed one of Verizon Wirelesses new cellular towers which is planned to be constructed near Gladstone Lake. More Details are likely to surface within the next month.

The meeting was adjourned until the next regular meeting on the 2nd Tuesday, May 12th at 8:30 a.m. at the Henderson County Courthouse, Oquawka.