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Raritan Secures Roll-Off Dumpsters For May 8-9-10

Trustees of the Raritan Village Board met March 12th in regular session in the meeting room of the Raritan Fire House, and under "New Business" a motion by trustee Sammy Blender, seconded by trustee Magee, was unanimously approved to have the roll off dumpsters in town for the Raritan Clean-Up on May 8, 9, and 10.

Under "Old Business" Dave Schaub from Waste Management discussed a proposed five year contract that he handed out to each board member. After a motion was made by trustee Knapp, seconded by trustee Rob Williamson, the board unanimously voted to approve the 5-year contract.

Trustee Knapp reported that it would cost $354 to put a new steel roof on a pump house, plus $50 delivery. After some discussion, Trustee Powless, made a motion, seconded by trustee Anders, to put a new steel roof on the pump house and it carried. The board planned to set a date at their April meeting to put the roof on.

A discussion was held about junk cars in the village and it was decided to have Ron Stombaugh, Village Attorney, at the next (April) meeting to discuss abandoned cars and current unlicensed cars.

President Earl Waller read a letter from Cindy Rhinehart, Henderson County EMA inviting the village elected officials to a workshop on April 17, 2015 explaining EMA responsibilities.

President Waller reported they had received a signed construction permit with McDonough District Telephone Coop who is planning to put a new fiber optic line in the village of Raritan.

A motion was made by trustee Knapp and seconded by trustee Powless, to purchase two wreaths for Christmas.

With unanimous approval of the board, the meeting was adjourned to the next regular meeting night in April.

In other business, the board called roll with trustees Sammy Blender, Gary Powless, Phil Anders, Rob Williamson, Michael Knapp, Dwayne Magee, President Earl Waller and Clerk Jim Blender answering roll call.

President Waller called the meeting to order and led the trustees in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Trustee Blender opened with prayer.

On a motion by trustee Magee, seconded by trustee Williamson the minutes were approved as presented. Motion carried.

Visitor: Dave Schaub

Bills presented were as follows:

Phil Anders $74.42; Dennis Rankin $157.60; Waste Management $1026.80; Dallas Rural Water $536.11; PDC $16.00; Carlyn Anders $102.16; Gary Powless $70.88; Raritan Township $1,333.50; Ameren Illinois $1268.06; Display Signs $90.00.

A motion was made by trustee Blender, seconded by trustee Anders to approve the above bills. Motion carried.