The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

The 1921 Graphic

Compiled and Edited by Virginia Ross

Stronghurst Graphic, April 27, 1922

SALE PAVILION SITE SOLD AT PUBLIC AUCTION: The plot of ground consisting of lots 1 to 24 inclusive on the north side and adjacent to the Santa Fe Railroad, the former site of the Sales Pavilion, was sold at public auction by auctioneers, Fred Gray, W.B. Gregory and J. W. Decker.

At the opening of the sale, Col. Fred Gray announced the plot would first be sold in lots, selling three lots at a time, but that they reserved the right to again sell it as a whole if the total price was not a satisfactory consideration.

The total amount bid for the lots aggregated $780 and this amount was then used as the first bid to sell it as a whole. Several parties were desirous of purchasing the property but the highest bid of $1,025 by C.A. Johnson was not raised. It is understood that Mr. Johnson contemplates building on the premises in the near future.

At a meeting held the 15th of this month at the NuVon Hotel, the members of the Henderson County Polled Hereford Breeders Building Corporation dissolved by the vote of the stockholders terminating the organization. Its existence for a few years put this community on the map and caused it to be known as one of the greatest producing sections of Polled Hereford cattle in the country.

The sale pavilion was built by the corporation in the winter of 1917-18 and was finished in time for the second annual sale of 49 head of Herefords. . .During the four years since the pavilion was built $232,470 worth of Hereford cattle have changed ownership in the auction ring and in addition there have been many sales of pure bred swine and other live stock. On Saturday morning, January 28th the pavilion was totally destroyed by fire and 153 head of cattle incinerated. (Article contains dates of all sales and average prices.)

ON THE DOMESTIC SCENE: The largest shipment of rattan ever landed in an American port is moving to Grand Rapids, Mich., on 14 cars. It arrived at San Francisco on the steamer Pine Tree State from Singapore. Col. Ezra L. Fuller, one of the few surviving Civil War officers, will be retired on July 1st at Fort Leavenworth, Kans. where he has been stationed for nearly twenty years.

TO HONOR FALLEN HEROES: Gladstone-This town and township has not forgotten its heroes of the recent World War and will thoroughy demonstrate its regard for the fallen men of the township in a tree planting service in Liberty park next Saturday afternoon.

At the instigation of the request of the mothers of the two boys who gave their lives for this land of ours, our town council cheerfully appointed a committee of three to call together interested citizens to take such steps as seemed suitable for the proper care of this matter in the future and after several called meetings, the result is something permanent in the life of the community. The organization is proposed to be known as The Gladstone Civic Improvement Association. Wilson Curtis has been elected the first president; Rev. Whitmyer, the secretary and A.J.Pearson as treasurer. These men with assisting committee have planned the first open program to be that of the Memorial Arbor or planting services in the memory of Frank Miller and Oakey Colley. Judge James W.Gordon, Henderson County Judge, has been asked to deliver the address. Gladstone school children under a war hero principal's tutelage will take part in the program; local ministers will assist and President Wilson Curtis will preside over the program.

LOCAL AND AREA NEWS: Miss Audrey Rezner who teaches at Raritan and Miss Ruby Hicks who teaches the Reed School spent the weekend with home folks. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Wagonhoist of Chicago spent the weekend with Mr. Chas. Marshall. Mrs. Genevieve Friend enjoyed part of the week with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. James Hicks. The two intermediate Sunday school classes of the Christian Church gave a party at the home of Miss Olivia Gregory; the social hour was followed by an elaborate lunch. The Kaiser Novelty Boys are to furnish music for a dance at Lomax. The semi-annual inspection over the different rural routes is being made this week. The rural mail carriers are now collecting information in regard to the hog crop for 1922, which will be given to the department of agriculture for tabulation and publication (as a mail carrier you obviously had to be versatile). Manager M.E.Beardsley is now showing some of the best moving pictures obtainable. The play "Over the Hill" that is showing the balance of the week is a masterpiece. Herman Stenberg and Chas. Fig of Los Angles who are hiking from Los Angeles to New York City stayed in town over night. Miss Evelyn Fort of the Monmouth College Conservatory of Music gave a post-graduate recital at the college auditorium Tuesday evening. At LaHarpe rules were formulated to govern the baseball league for three counties, Hancock, McDonough and Henderson.

Born to Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Combites, April 25th, a daughter. Dallas City has received its first new Howe fire truck which was purchased by popular subscription. Examinations were held in the high school with the following scoring in the 90+% range: Doris Dixson, Faye McMillan, Veda Headley, Raymond Johnson, Agnes Finley, Chalmer Gittings and Paul Sullins (actual scores are given). Mrs. Robert Veech is having her entire home redecorated. A daughter was born to Mr. and Mrs. P.H. Hulet on April 20th. Carl Dillon who has been trying out with Rock Island in the Mississippi Valley league has returned home to recuperate from a wrenched arm received while pitching a double header last Sunday winning by a score of 8 to 1. The Booster Club of Biggsville is planning a July 4th celebration. Mrs. John Shick who has been suffering from a nervous break-down is reported to be much better. Rev. Sullins was only able to deliver one sermon on Sunday. P.W.Wallin and Perry Simpson made a trip to Bushnell; the latter drove a Twin-City tractor home. Coleman Garret, while cutting hedge, cut his knee into the bone; he is being cared for by Dr. Rankin of Kirkwood.

RARITAN REPORTS: After spending several weeks with her mother, Mrs. Ann Adair, Mabel Woods and children turned to their home in Good Hope. No movies were shown at the opera house on Wednesday night due to the electric current being off. Levi Ray treated the mail truck to a fresh coat of paint. Henry White had the misfortune to lose his driving horse. Arthur Huntley and family moved into the Shurts property. The play, "Tommy's Wife" was given at the opera house with proceeds being close to $25 to benefit the school. Glenn Ray is suffering from rheumatism. A large crowd attended the movies Saturday evening. The streets were parked full with cars which have been rarely seen for a long time. Most farmers in the area are finished sowing their oats. Mrs. Frank Worley is assisting in the C.E. Perrine store. The B.Y.P.W. Society held a candy and pop corn sale in the social room Saturday evening. Proceeds were five dollars.

BIGGSVILLE BRIEFS: Dr. J.M.Auld of Chicago was a weekend visitor at the home of his sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. J.W.Whiteman. Clyde Ervin returned to his home at Red Oak, Iowa, having been called here by the death of his father, C. P. Erwin. The bakery here is once more at work and is carrying on a good business.

GLADSTONE GLEANINGS: Lewis Whitmore, who recently sold his farm south of town, has moved into the Harve Warner property in the west part of town. The teachers of the Gladstone School have been making plans for the 8th annual Patrons Day to be held in May. Wilson Stewart and family have moved to a farm north of Biggsville owned by Mr. Stewart's father; he will operate a dairy farm. David Landrith moved into Wilson Stewart's house; he formerly lived in the Mr. Jacobs house in the west part of town. Glen Rhoades left for Biggsville the first part of the week where he will work on the new hard roads which is under construction there. Mrs. Clod Robbins and children are visiting her brother, Mr. Powell near Silver Lake. The Easter cantata chorus gave their program to a large audience at Merry Dell last Friday night.