The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.


by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

I know it is cold outside, and the wind is blowing, but it is amazing how in our small communities, a visit from neighbors can just warm up our days.

After a friend of mine lost her father, she was overwhelmed this past week when many neighbors came in Friday and Saturday and harvested the corn and beans still standing in her fathers fields.

I also visited some friends who were shut in, some in a nursing home, some in an assistant living, others in the hospital, and yet another in their home.

When I asked what I could do for them or get them, their answer is always the same. "Your visit and warm smile means everything!" I know many of us like to stay inside where it is warm on cold days, and many like to communicate through the computer, cell phone, or Facebook.

Those are fine in a pinch, but I am finding out they just will not create the warmth needed as an actual visit.

It's unexplainable how a pat on the shoulder, a hand on a hand, or a smile and a laugh while making eye contact can warm a person in a way that we've become unaccustom too, due to the new technology that has grown so popular.

I am a little afraid people are going to suffer from more depression and loneliness if we don't force ourselves out of the house and leave our cell phones and computers idle for awhile and make a trip to visit family, friend, and community members.

People are needing to see your face, touch your hand, even feel a warm hand on a shoulder or be given a great big hug. You need it too! We all do. It is truely the only thing that will keep us all warm and healthy through life - not just through the winter.

If you're feeling down, go visit someone. They're probably wondering where you've been. The Christmas Walk Friday will make a perfect event to warm up the weekend.