The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Farmers Gather To Harvest Crops After Tragic Death of a Friend

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher

A lot of emotions flow in families after a sudden loss of a father, grandfather and community man such as the family of 85 year old Larry Anderson, of rural Gladstone who was tragically killed in an auto-semi accident October 27th this fall. After the funeral, alot was left undone including 170 acres of corn and 40 acres of soybeas that were ready for harvest.

Tricia Meyers Wayland of Rozetta, who grew up friends of the late Anderson's granddaughter, Stephanie Higgins, told the family not to worry about the farm. It would be taken care of.

Meyers now works at West Central FS and said, "We would do Larry's fertilizer and stuff and he had a certain way things should be done and that's the way they are to be done." So Tricia said she knew what to do. The word was put out about harvesting the crops and people wanted to help, Tricia said. "People would call and say, "I got to be there!' There's always people that will surprise you immensely."

Tricia said that her parents were in a card club with Stephanie's parents and they just grew up as friends.

"Whenever I saw Larry we always had some good talks."

Larry's daughter Susan Higgins was overwhelmed by the jesture of so many people coming to the farm to help.

She kept herself busy, though, like her dad had taught her and orchestrated a hot meal for the workers. Friends of hers helped with cookies and brownies, etc. and putting together the food.

Roasters of cheesey potatoes and BBQ pork made into sandwiches, were added to gallon zip lock bags along with chips, and bottled water and taken to the field at noon and was well received by the hard working crews of twenty or more field workers.

Tricia said there were five combines, several tractors and auger wagons and a host of semis. The list of those who were in the field includes:

"I'm overwhelmed, Susan Higgins, of Biggsville, said in a flood of emotions, "when she called the paper. So many people have come to help. I'm just overwhelmed!"