The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letter to Editor

I was born and raised in Oquawka many years ago and Oquawka's Main Street the last four months is the most beautiful I have ever seen all because of a group of caring gals who call themselves, "The Helping Hands".

They need to be applauded for the many hours of hard work and lots of money involved in the planting of several huge tubs of flowers. I'm guessing each tub holds ten gallon of potting soil, plus the many plants, the daily transportation of water (even if it rained), also the decorations that was hung in the "mini' seating area by the post office, also the hours it took to paint the many business windows. Then there's the job of removing everything and hopefully they're preparing for next spring.

I hope these gals don't get burned out, but they will unless they get more interested people to volunteer. They need to be "thanked' for all their work.

I don't know whose idea it was for having the new mural erected and painted west of "The Fishermans' but it is certainly beautiful.

It was also nice the town wasn't tore up during Halloween. Maybe the pranksters like it as well.

Thank you to the "Helping Hands'.