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La Harpe City Council Approves Hard Liquor Sales

by Christy Kienast, The Quill

The La Harpe City Council met on Monday, November 10th, at 7:00 P.M.. All members of the council were present except for councilmen Darrell Kraft and Josiah Neff.

Approved Hard Liquor Licenses

The amended Class B Liquor License Ordinance was passed to allow the sale of hard liquor instead of just wine and beer.

Intersection Closes

Intersection work has started on south 4th street in La Harpe and the intersection is planned on being temporarily closed by the city for two weeks.

Buys Dump Truck

The city council received and accepted a bid to sell the old city dump truck for $1300 to Squiers Auto Salvage.

City employee Wayne Humphrey has been cutting brush at the Timberview Subdivision and at the Reservoir.

Dogs Need Leash

A sign will be posted at the reservoir that ALL dogs need to be on a leash.

La Harpe City Hall will be open for the La Harpe Country Christmas from 5 to 8 pm. Tuesday, December 2nd.

Meetings Cancelled

The 2nd meeting of eachmonth in both November and December, have been canceled for the holidays.

Grant Denied

For the fourth time, the CDAP grant has been denied. There were 160 applicants for this grant. The city received 72 out of 77 points needed to obtain the grant.

Next Meeting

The next meeting of the La Harpe City Council will be on Monday, December the 8th at 7:00 p.m..