The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

What Is It?

Dear Editor:

First off, probably not what you think.

You may have heard about or read in The Quill about some meetings being held in the community on MAPPING. This is a brief and hopefully accurate explanation.

MAPPING is an acronym for Management Planning Programs in Non-Metropolitan Groups.

In simpler terms it is a program designed for smaller communities that do not have the resources to have a planning department, a large chamber of commerce and a works department, all funded by the city.

This is where MAPPING comes in. It is a program designed to help identify specific needs or wants of our community, to design a plan to achieve the goals set for La Harpe, and how to implement the plan that is designed.

This program was created by the Illinois Institute for Rural Affairs at Western Illinois University. It is intended to help better our community by providing guidance and informational resources that we, as a small community do not have easy access to.

Is all this information out there? Yes it is, but without the knowledge of where to look for it; is nearly impossible to access.

The program starts by setting up a steering committee; a group of people to gather information from the members of the community that are willing to get involved in creating a better future for our community.

We will then begin holding public meetings to come up with ideas for the betterment of the community. After the goals are set we will begin designing a plan to achieve those goals, and finally begin to implement those plans and bring the projects to fruition. This will be an ongoing program looking into the future, five, ten and even twenty years.

We want people to "Love La Harpe" and be willing to step up to the plate and make this a better place to live and grow.

Being a rural community surrounded by farmers we all know that in order for a field of corn to grow you must first plant a seed and tend to it as it grows and matures. It takes time, but with proper care it becomes ready to harvest and the farmer, "reaps his reward". The same goes for the future of our town.

We as an organization called "Love La Harpe" are trying to plant the seeds in our community that in time, with a lot of care and hard work, will have a positive impact and create an even better place to live, raise families, shop and do business.

This program needs people from all aspects of our town to get involved. Anyone who is interested and dedicated to the future of our town is welcome.

Watch for more information and your opportunity to help better our community and "Love La Harpe".


La Harpe