The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Raritan Village

The Raritan trustees met in the meeting room of the Raritan Fire House May 8th.

Bill Rasmussen will be invited to come to the June 12, meeting, and it was decided to have the clerk check with the attorney to see if the village needs to give water patrons an eight (8) day notice by mail before shutting off water.

A motion was approved to send Jared Strode a letter to mow property that will give him ten (10) days after receiving the letter.

The board approved a motion by trustee Magee, seconded by trustee Powless to have Bob Dillon appraise the Kahl property and 204-206 S. Trenton properties.

Trustee Anders reported that the price for foam for water pits was $13.00 a piece. A motion by trustee Knapp, seconded by trustee Williamson to use PVC pipe instead of the foam for the water pits, carried.

The request for chickens in the village was tabled until next meeting.

It was approved to put the flags up for Memorial Day on May 23, 2014.

The board approved the minutes as presented as well as the bills as follows:

Phil Anders $216.64; Waste Management $986.00; Dennis Rankin $236.60; Dallas Rural Water $598.03; Ameren IP $1,803.53; Gary Powless $80.00; Thompson Insurance $150.00; Tom's Recycling $100.00; Carlyn Anders $55.00; Julie Inc. $37.66; Jay Blender $510.00.

Present were trustees- Sammy Blender, Dwayne Magee, Rob Williamson, Mike Knapp, Phil Anders, Gary Powless and Clerk Jim Blender.