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Memorial Day Service Shows Town's True Colors


The La Harpe American Legion Auxiliary Secretary, Chris Little gave the welcome followed by the presentation of colors by La Harpe American Legion #301 commander Harry Fark, Dan Gillett, Roger Johnson, and John Lee (La Harpe Class of 1967).

Linda Hughes, auxiliary member, sang "The Star Spangled Banner" composed by Francis Scott Key and arranged by Moses Hogan.

The Pledge of Allegiance was led by auxiliary treasurer, Deloris Rodeffer.

Pastor Jim Clayton, of the La Harpe, Durham, and Terre Haute Methodist Churches led the opening prayer.

Vice President of the American Legion Auxiliary, Georgia Cox read a poem, "Freedom's Memorial".

Special music was provided by Melissa Burt followed by remarks by Kenneth Brown, La Harpe Mayor.

Bruce Goettsche, pastor of the Union Church of La Harpe read a patriotic poem that he had composed.

The La Harpe elementary students had special music entitled, "Fifty Nifty United States" directed by Mrs. Mencel.

Legion member Darrell Kraft recognized Gold Star/Blue Star Mothers and he recognized all veterans of all wars. Rick Goettsche, Pastor of the Union Church of La Harpe gave the closing prayer.

La Harpe American Legion Post #301 did the Retiring of Colors.

Stephanie Mencel, Director of the La Harpe Junior High Band led the band in, "Screaming Eagle March" by John Edmondson.

A twenty-one gun salute and taps by the American Legion Post #301 closed the service.

I'd Like To Go To Washington

by Pastor Bruce Goettsche

I'd like to go to Washington where all the laws are made

To see the halls of freedom, democracy displayed

I'd go to see the White House, the Presidential home

And watch Congress at the Capitol underneath the dome.

I'd go to the Smithsonian to see history on display

And to the National Archives to see documents stored away

I'd work to find the Jefferson and Lincoln Monument

and the pillar named for Washington, our first President.

I'd try to find the building where the Supreme Court hears each case

Where laws are weighed that justice might never lose it's place

I'd go to Arlington Cemetery to see heros laid to rest

And remember that each white stone is the reason I am blessed.

I'd want to see the monuments to wars fought in the past

And for each war I'd remember that they hoped it was the last

At the wall to remember Vietnam I'd search for names I knew

And perhaps I'd also shed a tear that each name had family too.

I know I'd like my journey to Washington, D.C.

And I know we'd probably not have time for everything to see;

The FBI, the Pentagon, the Cherry Blossom trees,

Historic buildings left and right, too much for us to seize.

But I hope I'd sense the greatness that is in the U.S.A.

And perhaps with much more meaning each day "The Pledge" I'd say

And when I heard the anthem of my country playing clear

I'd remember those who gave their lives and wipe away a tear.

And the next time that my flag was carried proudly down the street

I'd take my hat off in respect and stand up on my feet.

I know that things aren't perfect and its' easy to complain

But it's still the greatest country so I close with this refrain:

America, America, God shed His grace on Thee

And crown thy good with brotherhood from sea to shining sea.