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Henderson County to launch new website

By Sally Day for the Quill

Board members heard a presentation made by Vannie Keever of Gladstone, during the May 13, 2014 Henderson County Board meeting.

Keever, who was introduced to the board by Bob Peterson, board member, gave the presentation on behalf of the Economic Development Committee.

Keever explained a need for a change to bring more information to residents of the county.

Board members listened intently, while Keever told the board members that a new website had been launched about Henderson County.

It is bare bones at this juncture, but plans are to establish a very informative website.

This website is funded by Economic Development and the county board has had a history of donating to Economic Development.

If the county board chooses to obtain a web name from the State of Illinois, there will be an extra charge of $250.

Henderson County Department heads would be asked to put the information from their departments on the website.

Board member David Hinshaw asked the heads of the departments if they would be willing to do this.

They all responded with a resounding yes and thought the website was a very good idea. Hinshaw also asked if there would be a way to ascertain how many hits the website would get, to which Keever responded, "Yes."

Chief Deputy Donnie Seitz of the Henderson County Sheriff's Department, asked Keever if it was possible to place road condition information on the site. Keever was certain this would be possible.

Keever gave an excellent presentation, noting the needs for change, how to change, and what to change.

Most importantly, he mentioned the benefits of this change.

He said residents going to the website would reduce time for officials by answering questions online; the public could download and submit completed documents via email; and allow residents to print information and forms from home.

An online calendar would also allow residents and visitors to discover what is going on in Henderson County.

The board agreed unanimously for board member Bob Peterson to "go ahead" with the project.

In other business, the board: