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"We need to take appointments more seriously," states Henderson County Board Chairman Lafary

By Sally Day, The Quill

Oquawka- Tuesday, when the Henderson County Board reached number nine on the March 11, agenda, Board Chair Marty Lafary asked if anyone on the board knew David Gerst, who had been suggested for appointment to the Henderson County Board of Health.

None of the board members responded. Chairman Lafary continued, "I would like to know more about him."

He stated that Gerst may be perfect for the job, but he and the board should meet him and learn more about him before making such a serious decision. "There has been a large turnover," said Chairman Lafary.

Lafary was referring to the number of people who had been discharged or resigned at the County's Board of Health.

Lafary noted that in his job he has fired one person in 30 years.

"The people of the county depend on us to put the right people in this position," mentioned Lafary.

He added that they need to give the same consideration to anyone seeking appointments for various boards in the county. He thanked Gerst and anyone who agrees to sit on these boards, adding that they are thankless positions.

Additionally, he said he didn't think you should be an employee and sit on the same board.

Diana Seitz, an employee of the Henderson County Health Department, stated that Gerst is not an employee of the Health Department.

Another Henderson County Health Department employee, Trisha Darrah mentioned that part of the reason for the high turnover at the Health Department is due to paying employees minimum wage.

She added that people cannot live on less than $9 an hour.

The appointment of Gerst was tabled until the April meeting.

In other business, the board:

Securities, is available to those without water to take a shower in Oquawka. It is located at the Oquawka Fire Department. -Photo by Sally Day for the Quill