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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Full Moon/Friday 13-Shav'n Straps-Illinois Politics-Gallbladders"

Greetings to ever one in western Illinois and all readers of The Quill.

Last Friday was the 13th and full moon at the same time. That spooked a lot of followers of the Occult into a great deal of speculation.

Full moon/Friday 13

As fer the boys and others here-a-bouts there's not many what believes in that sort of superstition. However, they will plant certain things and castrate their hogs by follow'n certain signs of the moon. As fer as last Friday is concerned, there is some folk what thinks the 13th and full moon prevented us from gett'n a good drink for their crops, no matter what the weatherman sez. We made up fer it on Monday, however.

Shaven Straps

Several fellers reminded me of an important point concern'n last weeks shave'n equipment. It seems in spite of their advanced age, see'n the picture of the Honing strap and finishing straps brought to mind the use of them sharpen'n tools in discipline by appropriate application ta the behind.

It was along the order of "spare the rod and spoil the child." They sez they could still feel, without too much effort, the sting of that application.

Well, that may be so, however, a good many father were to tight to risk their razor straps on a bad boy's behind. Their methodology was ta send the boy out ta fetch a twig from a peach tree or some such readily available source useful fer application. That-a-way the boy had time enough to dwell on the situation whilst he was search'n fer the instrument of his punishment or shall I say "instruction lesson."

Illinois Politics

It won't be long until Illinois's new medical marijuana law kicks in, which not to surprisingly provides opportunity fer those who have political connections in high places. Sam Borek has reserved three dozen or more marijuana-related business names.

Coincidentally, he was a college roommate of the lawmaker who sponsored the law.

Then there is David Rosen of Chicago, who has filed paperwork to open a medical marijuana business in Nevada and has registered for business in Illinois. Mr. Rosen is a fundraiser for Democrats, include'n Governor Pat Quinn.

The new law, which is a few months away, will allow 22 marijuana-growing centers and 60 dispensaries as part of a four-year pilot program.

The whole thing smells ta "High Heaven" and is typical of Illinois politics, and yet die hards keep elect'n those folk right back in as long as they continue promote'n their give-away programs at the hard work'n tax payers expense.


Have ya ever had a gallbladder attack or do ya know someone or do ya have a relative who has had a gallbladder attack? Well, it's no fun and if'n the bugger bursts ya better not start any long novels!

Have ya ever heard the point be'n made that so and so eats like a horse? Well, I have, in fact there is a teenage farm boy in our neighborhood who might fit that description.

Well, horses don't have a gallbladder, the lucky buggers. They are designed to eat constantly. We humans, on the other hand, eat few, relatively large meals. Our gallbladder serves as a storage pouch fer bile, which is the emulsifying agent produced by the liver that is needed to start fat digestion.

When we eat a large amount of fat at one time, the gallbladder releases bile into the small intestine. If'n we didn't have a gallbladder, or have needed to have it removed, and indulged in a high fat meal, we might experience indigestion.

Horses, on the other hand, are trickle eaters. They are designed by the "all know'n creator" ta continuously graze on forage, all day and all night long (virtually all the time, with a few minutes of napping here and there). The small amount of fat that they eat is easily managed by the liver. Thus, there is no need to store bile in large quantities.

Now-a-days folks look ta fat as be'n shown to be an alternative to high starch diets, since it is more concentrated in calories. (We are now refer'n ta horses ya must remember).

There was initial concern that large amounts of fat would not be sufficiently digested.

However, the horse's liver has the ability ta compensate. This adoption takes several weeks, so it is best ta slowly increase fat levels.

So, those of youn's that are horse lovers, with several of the magnificent stead on hand, have several choices

1) There may be a viable alternative ta some of the high priced hay consumption by the hungry fellers

2) Maintain a good relationship with your friendly neighborhood banker so as ya will have funds available to borrow fer feed, maintenance, vet bills, fence'n and other miscellaneous enormous horse bills.

There ya has it then, all ya needed ta know but never knew the difference betwixt why and how a horse is always eat'n and humans eat less but seem ta gain more.

Enjoy the week, and visit a friend. Hope'n ta see ya in church this week.

Wherever ya is, what ever ya be a do'n BE A GOOD ONE! Keep on Smile'n-

Catch ya Later,