The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.


By Elaine Slater Reese - Spring Green, Wi.

We Americans like to believe we are the number one country in the world. That today would certainly depend on the criteria used to make that evaluation. Yes, it's a wonderful place to live and most of us would not choose to live elsewhere. But so many of the values and traditions that this country was built on have been thrown aside, devalued by a new way of thinking. A large part of our population believes they now have a right to their own way of thinking - their own perspectives without regard or respect for those who may think differently.

For example, we can certainly see this regarding Flag Day. Shouldn't we display the American Flag as a symbol of our love and respect for America and to honor those who have sacrificed to protect us? Yet there are those who find thrills in desecrating the red, white, and blue - many who don't even own a flag - and those who never let Ole Glory hang high and blow in the breeze.

Many no longer salute or honor the flag as it passes by in a parade. Few know the words to our National Anthem. There are those who refuse to say the Pledge to the flag and those who want to recite only their version of it. Every time I see the flag displayed, I think to myself - "I bet that is a family who has lost a loved one serving our country. Or their son or daughter is on foreign soil today protecting us."

Shouldn't there be an American flag in every home in America? If we you want to live here and experience all the benefits of that, shouldn't we be loyal to our laws, respect those who have made all this possible, and honor Ole Glory.

Have your really taken time to think of what she represents?