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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "LOOSENESS"

Greetings to ever one in Western Illinois and all readers of The Quill, young and older alike.

It's vacation time of the year fer many folk and I'm a hope'n ya remembers to take The Quill along fer some pictures ta share with our readers and your friends and neighbors.

There is a feller I run into from time to time and it seems he is always complain'n on something. Most importantly ta him, and high on his list of complaints, is laws and rules. He seems ta derive great pleasure and satisfaction in side step'n most everything of authority, whether it be state, federal, or church rules.

I came across him the other day and as he was a flapp'n his jaws and loosening up his tongue on complaints, I couldn't get a word in edgeways. Alls I did ta get him started was to say "Howdy, how are ya do'n. He then proceeded ta tell me in great length and detail. Stand'n there listen'n to him run off of the head I thought of a poem entitled looseness, by George R. Brunk.

After I escaped the clutches of his tongue, I wondered if'n it would have done any good ta recite this poem to him. You be the judge, my friends, and if'n noth'n else reflect a bit the poem's content.


This is an age of looseness and crime

From the heathen debased to the rich in time;

The tendency strong in church and in state

Is to go where you please and leave open the gate.

It may be that old Dobbin, quite stiff in his knees,

Will stand in the park though not tied to the trees,

And Spitfire, the colt, that will never be tame,

Has broken six halters and made himself lame.

But will this be excuse to throw halters away,

To let each horse decide where to go or to stray?

Then why do men fight against law and good rules,

For guidance of wise and restraining of fools?

For horses or men there is only one hope,

If they break their restrictions, just double the rope;

And if the good laws are wisely applied

They may learn how to stand without being tied.

I dislike to see boys not as high as your shoulder

That know ten times more than persons much older,

And when father and mother lay down restriction,

Get pouty and sullen and begin to cause friction.

I never saw Master or Miss such a Saint

But that they were bettered by parent's restraint;

But may a one to the gallows has come

For want of a law and a rod in the home.

And then when it comes, to laws of the land

So many thus tied will not even stand.

Some men for a dollar will take a man's life

Or cheat him in trading or marry his wife,

Or steal from his neighbor his chains or his axes,

Or give him short measure or be dodging his taxes.

But in spite of law-breaking there is not a man

Not constantly helped by the laws of the land.

In matters of church we know very well

No law of itself can save one from hell;

Yet by heeding good laws a man's ways are made clear

And pitfalls avoided that he never had seen.

The flesh can be checked and the conscience alarmed

And evils suppressed by which others are harmed.

By law man is brought, on this side the grave,

To the point where the word and the spirit can save.

Now if children are wiser than matron or sire

And safely can play with poison and fire,

And loungers in stores with soap-box for stool

Know better than congress how nations to rule,

And the wisdom of God in one single brother

Is greater than Bible and Conference together,

Then nail up the Church! Lay the book on the shelf!

And let every man be a law to himself!

If opposers of law just only could see

They are cutting a limb twixt themselves and the tree

And if they succeed they not only will fail,

But down will come Home, Church, Nation, and all.

If men want no law but their own precious will

Let them herd with bushmen till they get their fill.

I think one such year would certainly end it

They would favor God's law and forever defend it.

That's it for this week folks. I'm a hope'n all goes well fer ya and ya gets opportunities to visit friends, neighbors, and relatives. Remember those in nursing homes and the hospital as well.

Hope'n to see ya in church this week.

Where ever ya is, what ever ya be a do'n "BE A GOOD ONE!"

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later