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Zoning Officer Resigns; Oquawka Will Keep Spirit of Heritage Trails

By Sally Day for the Quill

Waiting patiently for his turn on the agenda, Zoning Officer Bill Moody noted he had issued no zoning permits for the month of June, at the July 7, 2014 meeting. Immediately following this, he announced he was resigning.

"I want to thank the board for being Zoning Officer for the last few years," Bill Moody said. "I have been lied to, cussed at, and now threatened," he continued. "It is not worth it, so as of now, I resign." Zoning Officer Moody went on to say, "I am close to 80, you need someone younger. Thank you."

He told board members he would turn in his books, etc. The board thanked Moody, as well. The Zoning Officer needs to be replaced as soon as possible. Until this time residents are asked to contact John Fedler or Scott Ray with any zoning questions or concerns.

Many ideas were gone over concerning what once was Heritage Trail Days. A group of people in Oquawka would like to keep it going. The group has invited anyone else interested in volunteering, etc., to attend a meeting at the home of Susan Meyer at 8th and Knox Streets in Oquawka at 6 p.m., Wednesday, July 16.

The event, which has not as yet been named, will possibly include a street dance, car cruise, vendors, etc. It will be held the last weekend of September.

Approximately a dozen or so people were present at the meeting to discuss the "Junk Ordinance". Some people were unhappy because their properties had been targeted, while others had not.

The board explained that they were just now doing something about this issue and they had instructed Police Chief Keith DeJaynes to give out ordinances to just so many people at a time.

Resident Mike Lain was on hand to ask why, after he worked hard and cleaned up his yard in 21 days, were their residents who were given extended time to clean up their yards. Attorney Andy Doyle thanked Lain for his diligent work and cleaning his yard, and that they will soon go on to the next group of people who need to clean up their yards.

Board member Nancy Bundy reminded those in attendance they only needed to worry about their own properties, not others.

Police Chief DeJaynes gave the police report as follows: Criminal: Aggravated Battery, 3; Battery, 1; Theft from Residence, 1; Theft from Motor Vehicle, 1; Agency Assist: County Assist, 4; Ambulance Assist, 3; Domestic: Domestic Calls, 3; Tavern Calls: Calls, 3; Junk Ordinances, 4; Golf Cart Inspections, 4; Traffic: Speeding Tickets, 4; Stop Sign Tickets, 1; Warning, 1; Golf Cart Citations, 2; Other Calls: 36; Warrants: 3; Fuel: 129 Gallons; Mileage: 1,479 Miles; Fines: $1,630.59.

Following his report, Chief DeJaynes noted that a resident had asked him to ask the board if they could alter the hours for operating golf carts to one hour after sunset. He also asked if six year olds and younger should be sitting in the front seat of the golf carts when in operation.

Following a fairly lengthy discussion, the board voted to have golf cart hours set from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. The vote was as follows: John Fedler, yes; Scott Ray, yes; Jason Howard, yes; Troy Jern, no; Robert Eldridge, yes; and Nancy Bundy, yes.

The Village Attorney Andy Doyle will look into ages of children sitting in back or front seats of golf carts and discuss this at next month's meeting. It was also asked if golf carts could run on Schuyler Street, to which the board emphatically said, "No!."

During the fire report, from board member and Fire Chief Troy Jern, it was noted that there were 23 calls for the month of June. Jern told the board about repair being needed for the 1972 fire truck, at a cost of $1800. The board would like this truck to be kept as it has many uses in the village.

The board agreed to pay $900 toward the repair. Roll call vote was as follows: John Fedler, yes; Scott Ray, yes; Jason Howard, yes; Troy Jern, abstain; Robert Eldridge, yes; and Nancy Bundy, yes.

In other business, the board: