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9-1-1 Addressing in Henderson County to Become a Reality

By Sally Day for the Quill

Ed Chewning was on hand for the Henderson County Board meeting, July 9, 2014 to discuss 9-1-1 addressing and Enhanced 9-1-1. Chewning is the Warren County 911 Coordinator and began with a brief history of Warren County's 9-1-1 system.

He told board members that before initiating 9-1-1 here the county would have to hold a referendum. He explained that Henderson County needed center line addressing at sometime before initiating 9-1-1, as well.

"If you are not a big system you are going to lose money," Chewning said, "that is all there is to it." He handed out sheets to the board members showing Warren County's June 9-1-1 Report.

He called the latest 9-1-1 or the third phase, New Generation 9-1-1.

He explained that this had to do with the advanced GPS available now and the many things this system can do. New Generation has the capability to utilize texting and there is a watch you can wear which tells if you are having a heart attack and acknowledges your exact location.

Center line addressing will cost this county between $38,000 and $42,000. There is a possibility of obtaining a $7,000 grant.

Chewning mentioned that Henderson County has 30 percent paid cell phones; McDonough County has 60 percent; Warren County has 72 percent and Knox County has 76 percent. These paid cell phones help pay for the 9-1-1 system. Many people have pre-paid cell phones. Phone cards are a no-contributor to the 9-1-1 system.

Board member Mark Lumbeck asked if Chewning had a spot for Henderson County on the Warren County system. Chewning remarked they did.

County Board Chairman Marty Lafary asked how Henderson County should get started. Addresses are needed first. Chewney offered to get a real price and to get started and get the center line addressing done first. Then a referendum needs to go out to the people.

It was noted at this time that the population of Henderson County was about 8,000 and the square miles was approximately 396. Sheriff Deputy Matt Link thanked the board and mentioned he was very happy that the county was looking it the 9-1-1 project.

Board Chairman Lafary thanked Emergency Management Cindy Rinehart and the Drainage Districts for the hard work they have recently completed on the most recent flood. He also thanked the Highway Department and Stan Torrance and Gail Russell for their many hours of work on the same.

Lafary said they all kept the roads and bridges open and the county should be very proud. Cindy Rinehart thanked these people and the local churches for the same. Lynn Haase, Administrator of the Henderson County Health Department said, "We are all proud of our county and how they work together." Alan Ferguson County Highway Superintendent said he was also proud of his department and all those who helped, but to please keep in mind, "It is probably not over yet."

Lafary also said that when people ask what they can do about the flooding to help, please talk or write to your Congressmen and ask them for monies to help assist in these emergency situations.

In other business, the board: