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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "All About Young Folks; Did Ya Know About Grapefruit"

Greetings to ever one in Western Illinois and all readers of The Quill.

I'm a hope'n your week is a go'n well thus far.

All About Young Folks

The boys told me they heard on the national news last week that deaths among young folk related to alcohol has reached epidemic proportions in America (the news words, not mine).

One in ten young folk deaths can be attributed ta alcohol. Not that scary, it can be supposed, unless one of your own happens to be one of the one in ten and worse yet if the death is caused by someone who is drunk or impaired by alcohol.

Travel'n down the road last week I spotted a rather unusual sight, fer these days, it seems. There, out in a field of grow'n soybeans was 6 or so young fellers walk'n the field chopp'n weeds. Todays chemicals has made bean walk'n a fairly scarce source of make'n wages and or entertainment.

Of course, if'n it was a family venture the wages sometimes were not very high, monetarily. But then, if'n ya figured in room and board, clothing, and other fringes I suppose it may come close to even'n out. However, with many young folk carry'n a cell phone these days I'm surprised parents can get away with force'n that four letter word "work" onto their chillens with out them call'n 911.

Can ya imagine child welfare come'n to a farm and catch'n the young folk "soaked ta the gills" from morn'n dew. What would they say if they found the young'n in a bean field on a high humidity hot day. Work yet, the parent would probably be hauled off to confinement and relieved of child care responsibilities permanently, if'n they found one of em on a hay rack or barn loft on a blister'n hot August afternoon.

Well, maybe noth'n would be said after all fer maybe they were raised on a farm themselves. And, if'n ya believes that, I've got some stock in the Burlington bridge I'd like to sell ya. Probably would be a better deal than some of those fellers with left over blacktop fer sale or one of them electrical fixer uppers from Missouri what cons older folk here-abouts in Western Illinois.

Did Ya Know About Grapefruit?

Last week's column wrote about the local fellers and several "did ya knows". Follow'n through on that topic "did ya know" you are not supposed ta eat grapefruit or drink grapefruit juice with some types of medications?

The interaction was first discovered more than 20 years ago. There are now more than 85 drugs that are known to or are predicted to react with grapefruit. The number of medications that can cause serious adverse effects increased from 17 to 43 betwixt 2008 and 2012. That info was published in a review earlier this year by researchers, in the Canadian Medical Association Journal. Of course, that makes it true by all means!

The most common ones are some satin drugs used to lower cholesterol, such as Simvastatin (Lipitor) and Pravastatin (Pravachol), and some blood pressure medications, such as Nifedipine (Nifediac and Afeditab).

Many drugs are broken down, or metabolized with the help of an enzyme called CYP3A4, found in the small intestine. But, grapefruit juice has certain substances that block this enzyme, so instead of be'n broken down, potentially dangerous levels of the drug could enter the blood-stream and remain active longer than anticipated. This was reported in a February 2012 consumer update report by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, which makes it true for sure!

The FDA update also explained that grapefruit juice can have the opposite effect with some drugs. Fer example, a common over-the-counter allergy relief medication, Fexofanadine (Allegra)can be less effective when taken with grapefruit, orange or apple juice, because they block the action of proteins that help move the drug into cells fer absorption. Those fellers from USDA must not own any stock in the manufacturer of that drug.

A feller should read all prescription and over-the-counter labels fer warnings about reactions with grapefruit. Non-prescription medications will have that information on the drugs facts label. A good idea would be to ask your doctor, pharmacist or other health care professional.

If'n there is a warn'n about grapefruit, ya should also avoid tangelos (a cross betwixt tangerines and grapefruit) and Seville oranges (often used in orange marmalade). Ya should check the ingredients list'ns on fruit juice ta make sure it doesn't contain juices from those fruits.

Now ya knows about one aspect of grapefruit. Whether ya believes those facts as presented by the FDA and/or reacts accordingly is an entirely different matter altogether. I wonders if'n them number crunchers have any deaths related ta grapefruit, like they do fer alcohol?

Well, that's it fer this week's column. Have yourself a good 4th of July celebration with family and friends. Enjoy life and value your health. Be content and satisfied with your lot.

Hope'n ta see ya in church a given thanks fer this great country we lives in.

Wherever ya is, whatever ya be a do'n BE A GOOD ONE!!! Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya Later