The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Hancock County Board Public Transportation Update

Gary Ziegler gave an update on the Hancock County Public Transportation.

He said the Hancock County Public Transportation has successfully maintained a balance of at least one month痴 operating expenses - which should be a minimum balance to maintain cash flow.

Ziegler reported the Illinois Department of Transportation has approved the grant for $500,000 to construct a building to store the transportation units inside. Responding to inquiries from county board members, Ziegler explained the following:

1. An architect/engineer must design the building.

2. An agreement will be sent for Hancock County Board approval by the Illinois Department of Transportation.

3. The building may not be used for other purposes, such as storing ambulances. He added the building will not provide maintenance or dispatching - it is to keep the buses inside out of the weather.

4. Utilities, insurance, and routine expenses on the building are considered operating costs. The grant for the building is a capital expense.

Concluding, Mr. Ziegler said he will retire from McDonough County Public Transportation on February 14, 2014.

He introduced the incoming director of public transportation, Nathan Cobb. McDonough County Public Transportation administers the public transportation in Hancock County.

In other business, the Hancock County Board approved the following:

病 resolution appropriating $500,000 of Motor Fuel Tax Funds for county highway maintenance.

病 resolution appropriating $74,000 of Motor Fuel Tax Funds for salary of county engineer.

病uthorization of Temporary Weight Restrictions of up to 8,000 pounds per axle on roads.

病uthorization of lending $175,000 to the Hancock County Health Department in $50,000 increments at market rates paid by banks. (.3% annualized at current rates)

頻ayment of IMRF contributions for ambulance personnel from Ambulance Fund.

病 resolution supporting reconstruction of lock and dam system on Mississippi River.

病 resolution requesting that the Upper Mississippi River be designated a Marine Highway.

病ppointment of Monica Crim to the Board of Health to fill the vacancy of Susan Eddington (2015). Ms. Crim is a licensed practical nurse for Family Rural Health of La Harpe

The next county board meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, February 18, 2014 in the County Board Room, Third floor, Courthouse, Carthage.