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Civic Music Does It Again-The Adams Family, a new musical comedy-A Hoot

By Virginia Ross, Special For The Quill

Live theatre-it's the best and a real orchestra---phenomenal! There's nothing like a Broadway musical even on a small stage and that is why so many of all ages braved single digit weather to see this reprise of the TV series with added music.

From the beginning the cast had the audience; with the familiar theme song filling the Memorial Auditorium, finger snapping in time greeted an extensive cast of ghosts and Adams Family members. The opening number,"When You're an Adams," served to introduce the cast and rev up the audience anticipating a jolly good time.

And that they did deliver. Cast members' strong voices and professional acting made the simple story line come alive (ghoulish girl want to marry normal boy; his family comes to dinner with unexpected results, etc.)

Professional theatre always amazes me. Their clever set designs creates a whole new world by changing the color of lighting, using interchangeable construction and a few props. Add terrific make-up (the ancestors were totally in white from head to toe) and their presence jumped out whether the scene was red, blue or purple. A big yellow moon high is the sky with a painted backdrop of New York City really landed us all in Central Park.

The show was zany, full of sly, contemporary jokes as well as outstanding music. Tunes with catchy lyrics were powerfully delivered. (The lady behind me remarked about how she could even understand the words-a real plus.)

Probably, everyone attending had a favorite character (they were all good), but mine would have been "Grandma" who was as crazy as they come. Her part was not big but she did it with style. A friend told me she liked "Uncle Festus" who was in love with the moon-normal for people from the Dark Side, I guess.

Anyway, all this ghoulish shenanigans by Morticia, Gomez, Pugsley, and of course, Lurch, who lurched, meant the audience had a roaring evening of fun. Next month, Feb. 26, Fireworks, an amplified chamber band known as a bridge between contemporary classical and the mainstream popular style will grace the stage.

Plan to be there when the curtain goes up at 7:30 p.m. Civic Music, you are a bargain!