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Greetings to ever one in western Illinois and all readers of The Quill.

Cold Weather

I'm a hope'n ya all made it through satisfactorily the minus zero cold snap we had last week. Several observations were made dure'n that time.

First of all, most young folk had never experienced weather that cold. It was a shock to them.

Many folk has stripped down now a days to the bare minimum of cloth'n even dure'n these days of colder weather. They either wear a light jacket or no jacket at all. I even saw a crazy galoot wear'n short britches dure'n that sub zero weather. Wear'n a hat a to keep a warm head and warm ears seems out of style.

When the thermometer drops, those silly jay birds with the barest of clothes need to be protected, so businesses, schools, and churches must be shut down.

Of course, there also is concern about liability threats, so to protect against this litigious society we live in we just try to keep ever one in their homes and give em a pneumonia shot.

The weather man doesn't help in his over sensationalized rhetoric either.

He uses chill factor instead of actual temperature and conjures up new words like vortex to make the weather seem like the walk'n dead horror movie and helps it seem like something horrific is happen'n.

Did anyone hear, "Northern Clipper" used last week? How abut global warm'n?

Well anyways, it's enterest'n to observe changes such as these. Far be it from me, however, to suggest anyone to go out in the cold when they can huddle in a warm home and let someone else worry about gett'n the work done. More power to them.

Old Days

Think'n on the old days, when the folks dressed fer winter and seldom let the sensationalized weatherman score the Bee Gee Bees out of em, those fellers were a hardy bunch.

Did ya ever stop ta think of them old timers who never traveled faster than 15 mph in their life time. Never flew, never had electricity and collected little cash, no mater how hard they worked.

Now the EPA is even gonna regulate wood burn'n stoves! Horses, with buggies and sleighs had no heater and they sang joyous songs of a "White Christmas' and "One Horse Open Sleigh'. Think of the amazement they surely felt as airplanes, electricity, autos etc. etc. came into be'n.

Alcohol was the fuel of choice and availability in the early auto days. Henry Ford ran his Model T auto on ethanol.


The battle raged betwixt Henry and his proponents versus Rockefeller and his oil folks.

Rockefeller poured millions of dollars to promote prohibition and consequently eliminate alcohol as a fuel choice.

He enlisted a lot of good and sincere folk in his battle and caused much havoc in our country.

Of course, the farmer and his home grown alcohol lost out in that bottle at that time. That took th' warts offa the toad at that time.

The Battle Goes On

Me and the boys have been fumin' about the lack of common sense around. The battle has reemerged, once again in our times, of Big foreign oil against rural America and the American farmers.

When things just gotta goin' better fer us farmers, Big oil, which is mostly foreign owned, wants to squash implementation of a sane ethanol program which is providin' clean air, helpin' the balance of trade, providin' good jobs, supportin' rural communities, and underpins a prosperous agriculture.

It elicits, once again, sincere, but deceived honest folk to help in their devious greedy plan and it doesn't make much sense why a feller would step on his on foot and turn the good that has been happenin' over to Big oil whilst leave'n themselves in a pickle.

The question was asked recently, "Who provides financial support to train and outfit those seemingly unendin' and renewed supply of Jihadists"? Well, that's just as plain as the nose on yer face.

Look in the mirror for the correct answer to that question the next time ya fills up your gas tank with Big foreign oils gasoline and oil products. Me and the boys knows that that gallon of gasoline ya buys from foreign owned oil companies is what the latest three wars has been fought over.

It finances foreign governments that hate our democratic form of government, hates our culture and the prosperity it has produced, and hates our faith and religious convictions.

They hate the way we dress, how we look and talk and behave, and hates our flag and what it represents. They call us infidels worthy only to destroy, and after a martyrs death of blow'n up themselves and to their perceived enemy, they relish the promise of eternity in heaven of have'n sex with a multitude of our deceased virgin daughters.

When ya see's an Arab woman, who is allowed only to expose her eyes, not allowed to drive, not allowed out of the home alone, is forced into marriage at 11 years old and younger to old decrepit men, not allowed an education, not allowed to vote, and has few rights-look into the mirror and think what you're a doin'.

Your gasoline dollar helps perpetuate that system and worse!

Nows that's a bone fer ya ta chew on.

The next time ya learns of the neighbors son or daughter gett'n dismembered wilst bravely provide'n service to our country protect'n foreign oil fields or worse, yet come'n home in a body bag, look in the mirror as ya fill your tanks and buys foreign oil gasoline. You helped finance that tragedy.

They love America's money "cause it finances bombs, terrorism, and promotes destruction of our way of life.

Give that same revenue to home grown renewable ethanol produced from unguarded corn fields and ya helps yourself, your country, and your neighbor as well as his children serve'n in the military. Me and the boys think that's pretty important "cause he or she will spend that money fer the good of the United States general welfare.

Think about that the next time ya fills up your auto and some misinformed person promotes foreign oil products over home grown renewables. Keep that mirror handy fer self assessment.

The boys sez that Brad Deery of Burlington auto sales shore had a complimentary article in the Hawk Eye "Letter to the Editor' Friday, January 13 and also sent it to Dessa fer The Quill.

Good fer him! Me and the boys are a shopp'n fer our next auto with him as he shows his support fer home grown ethanol. He shore hit the nail on th' head with that letter!

The boys sez Shottenkirk, as they understand it, has not decided on support fer the farmer thru ethanol. It seems the Fort Madison, Iowa store was a hand'n out literature from BP, negative to ethanol.

I'll bet ya won't have to guess where we won't shop fer our next auto from!! Sell it to BP! Better yet, just save that auto sale fer the Arab terrorist.

Thank You Ray Shafer

Thank you, Ray Shafer, fer share'n your wonderful and most enterest'n life's memories thru The Quill. You are a most remarkable man and worthy of highest honors. May God Bless you fer all that ya have done and all that ya represents!!

That's it fer this week. I'm a hope'n ya will dwell on these subjects fer a spell.

Wherever ya is, what ever ya be a do'n BE A GOOD ONE!

Keep on Smile'n and keep the Faith

Hope'n to see ya in church this week.

Catch ya later