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Media Township History

Years ago when Margie Barber and I were discussing early history of this township, she gave me this history of the area-commemoration of the town of Media's 125th birthday, these articles written by Faree Mathers are being shared.--Virginia Ross

Part VII

Miscellaneous History

There have been two murders in town. One was that of a Mexican man who was working on the railroad. This happened after a drinking party in a box car near the depot where the crew was staying. The other one was a local man killed on the second floor of one of the two-story brick buildings after a crap game.

One morning a young man committed suicide in the Link Implement Shop that was managed by Perry Heap.

A Santa Fe train traveling west killed a man west of the depot. His body was picked up in baskets along the track. A lady passenger on one of the east bound fast trains jumped off and was killed between the depot and the Big Bridge.

When the town was growing, we had at one time a post office, three general merchandise stores, a drug store, two restaurants, a meat market, two hotels, a printing office, three livery stables, a barber shop, a millinery shop, a novelty shop, two blacksmith shops, two churches, two schools, two elevators, a hardware store, a carpenter shop, and two saloons.

Today, 1965, we have one store and a post office, a church, two schools, a depot, beauty shop, two elevators, an implement shop, a restaurant and service station, a repair machine shop, a service station at the edge of town and lots of machinery and corn bins where business houses once stood.

We have had many buildings moved out of town and torn down. Several bad fires burned down four homes, a school house, and a grain elevator. Now we have our own fire engine.

Today, train after train, many of them almost a mile long, go hurrying past Media heavily laden with coal, oil, machinery, grain, automobiles, piggy back trailers, refrigerator cars carrying perishable products, stock cars, and flat cars.

At one time Media was a most promising little village, but during the depression years it was hit so hard that it never recovered.

Up to now, many have come and gone, some, perhaps, whose names were familiar to those with whom they associated, but they have now passed out of our memory.

--written by Faree Mathers---