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La Harpe Community School

On January 21, 2014 a regular meeting of the La Harpe Board of Education was held in the school library with the following members in attendance: President Cindy Wear, Vice President Nate Butler, Pam Campbell, Dustin Detherage, Mark Irish, Bobi James, and David Mershon. Supertendent Ryan Olson, Principal Lila McKeown and Board Secretary Jeanne Clayton were also in attendance.

Visiting teachers Emily Kohl and Nichole Robertson, were recognized.

La Harpe 3rd Grade Teacher Emily Kohl presented photos on the Promethean board of her students throughout the school day.

Kohl showed her class working on fluency, reading with expression, voice projection in preparation for a group speaking part in the Christmas program. She has worked with her students on Common Core review sheets, onomatopoeia though music, reading informational texts, traits writing and daily use of glossary and dictionary.

Students work together on writing and science developing skills in patience, differentiation, and communication.

Kohl's class enjoys "popcorn reading" to practice focus and foster excitement as they take turns. The 3rd graders play "Toss & Talk" in small RtI group, discussing what they did in math and how they arrived at their conclusions.

Kohl uses "Reader's Theater" with her RtI group for practice with fluency, expression, and presentation skills. Kohl showed video footage of Rural, Suburban, and Urban student posters, the students' thoughts of Martin Luther King Jr., and what they enjoy most about 3rd grade.

La Harpe 4th Grade Teacher Nichole Robertson gave the board some background information of her 9 years in education and expressed her enjoyment of teaching in the smaller school setting of La Harpe.

Robertson demonstrated student learning and self-management in her classroom through the use of the classroom Data Wall and individual student Data Notebooks. Robertson uses a class Mission Statement like a signed contract of anticipated behaviors and educational goals. Students generate individual expectations for themselves in four subject areas including behavior goals. They then monitor and track their own weekly progress. The individual Data Notebooks are a year-long project with summaries, action plans, and goals which students use to visualize and analyze their individual progress. Students can readily see where they are in their progress toward their goals and compare their work to the Common Core benchmarks.

Each quarter, two of each student's writing samples are scored with a rubric. All these things have helped 4th graders to take ownership for their progress as individuals and as a class. Robertson's methods are easy to share with parents and they hold students accountable for their own learning, growth, and behavior.

Dr. Olson, President Wear and the board thanked the teachers for coming and presenting.

The board approved Randy May as Scholastic Bowl Coach and Robert Duffy as sub driver and sub custodian, set 8th Grade Promotion for Friday , May 23, 2014 at 7:00 p.m., approved policy updates, the opening of closed minutes from four meetings, and the consent agenda and payment of bills.

Irish mentioned a temporary plumbing re-route due to the water main break under D Street affecting the school cafeteria and Pre-K building. Irish praised city workers for their efforts in the extreme weather over the weekend. The pipe will be permanently relocated once the ground thaws for digging.

Supt. Olson's report included information from a Hancock County Health Department meeting regarding a County Needs Assessment and a Superintendent Meeting at the Regional Office of Education. Dr. Olson will provide the board with the Health Life Safety inspection report when it is received.

Dr. Olson has an upcoming meeting with the IASA Western Region and a WIU Administrative Roundtable with the State Superintendent, Senators, and Representatives. Dr. Olson gave new information on the upcoming PARCC Field Testing for our

7th and 5th graders.

A public hearing will be held by Regional Supt. John Meixner at the next regular meeting on Feb. 18. The hearing is regarding the district's opt-out request for the summer school breakfast and lunch requirement. An opt-out request may be made when the reimbursement of the meals would not cover the cost of providing meals for the students and community members age 18 and under during summer school.

Irish mentioned the coming Western Illinois Technology Summit-a regional meeting to discuss broadband needs of the region as well as other issues relating to technology advancement. Irish has

represented the district as well as the telephone company at past meetings.

Principal McKeown gave snow day and athletic activity updates. McKeown noted the second quarter end, the beginning of second semester classes, completed Elementary and Junior High winter benchmarking with AIMS Web, the recent Health Life Safety inspection, and the 8th grade 3-District re-take of the SRI Reading test at Illini West.

McKeown has been working on teacher observations; and the January Teacher Institute, which was cancelled due to extreme weather, will be made up on another date.

Junior High math teachers in the area are meeting to discuss Common Core math lessons.

To view online agendas, news releases, and approved minutes, visit the School Board link at