The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Breakaway College Girl

by Ali Postle- Special For The Quill

Hello Readers!

Sorry I have been gone for so long, but I feel like I have so much going on with school and wedding planning! Less than 5 months until the big day! I can't believe how fast it is coming!

Kevin graduated boot camp on January 17th! It was one of the most amazing things I have ever witnessed! His sister Kayla, her husband, Charlie and his sister, Allie, all drove to California, but I chose to fly. I don't really like to drive so flying is definitely for me!

We spent 3 days in California on the beach in the beautiful 70 degree weather.

And yes, I keep asking myself why I came back to this awful weather!

I saw him for the first time in 3 months on the 16th of January, the day before graduation, which was Family Day.

I can't even describe the feeling of seeing him in his uniform as a United States Marine. It was totally amazing and overwhelming all at once!

We got to spend 4 hours with him on base that day. I never left his side one single time in those four hours. I had a lot of catching up to do since he had been gone for so long!

That night he had to go back to the barracks while we went back to our condo.

He graduated at 10 a.m. the next day.

If you ever have the chance to witness a Marine graduation please do not miss it! It was so awesome to experience. I was so proud to be in the crowd and be there to support him! After he got dismissed I sprinted, in heels I might add, hugged him and said, "You are finally coming home!" We had a 3 o'clock flight so we grabbed some food and went to the airport!

It was so good to have him home for seventeen days. I'm pretty sure all he did the whole time he was home was eat! Every time we went out to eat he would ask me, "Are you going to finish that?" So he usually ended up eating half of my meal, also! He literally would eat every single thing he saw and all in one bite. I kept telling him to slow down, but he said it was a habit, since in boot camp they would have little to no time to eat.

Currently, Kevin is in San Diego at Marine Combat training and will graduate from there on March 11th. Then he will head to North Carolina to complete his schooling as a Combat Engineer.

I am hoping I can visit him over Easter since he will have a couple days off. Pray that it all works out!