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Frontier Telecommunications

Frontier Telecommunications called on the carpet for delays and numerous phone problems.

A representative from Frontier Communications was on hand at the February 11, 2014, meeting of the Henderson County Board.

The first two statements made by Calvin Steemer of Frontier was thanking the board for allowing him the time to speak and a deep apology for delays and issues in the phone system for the county, which includes all phones at the Courthouse and the Sheriff's Department.

Problems with the phone system have escalated over the months. Steemer said it was Frontier's intention to improve costs of operation as well as upgrade technology.

He noted that they do have an alternative solution and said there is new equipment being installed. Steemer said that a manufacturing delay was the first problem they ran into.

He reiterated that he was not making excuses for these delays and problems.

"It is imperative we have reliable equipment," Steemer explained.

Board member Mark Lumbeck said, "This has been a total nightmare for Amanda (referring to Henderson County Clerk Amanda Rousonelos) and it shouldn't be." Clerk Rousonelos noted, "We have had many dropped calls and one day we had seven dropped calls." One of those calls, ironically was a call with Steemer of Frontier.

Lumbeck also asked about the bills the county had received for this problem. Steemer assured him they would be wiped clean.

Also speaking to the board about the phone system was Rod Remick of Remick Technology.

Remick explained to the board that this was not the right setting to discuss this.

He told them that they have his number and suggested a more informal meeting.

He talked about the technology of the system and what sort of things should be in place before the project even was started.

Chairman Lafary told Remick, "You know ten times more than we know" about this subject.

Chairman Lafary said he wished that Remick had been standing before the board a year ago, when this began.

Representing the Henderson County Health Department, Trish Darrah said the Health Department had had problems with Frontier for months.

Board member Renken asked if Remick would consider being a technical adviser on this.

Chairman Lafary asked Remick to bring a quote to them if he would like to be an adviser.

"It seems as if Frontier is not doing this because of pride of company, but doing it because of a contract."

Henderson County State's Attorney Scott McClintock told board members he had sent a letter to Frontier stating they had breached their contract. When asked if they had responded, McClintock said, "They have until the end of this week."

Before he left, the board did ask Remick if he would talk to J.R. Campbell, the installer phone technician on site about the project; asking what plans were and what products they were using, etc.

Joe Taylor of the Quad Cities, was on hand to request the board approve the continuation of inclusion in the Quad Cities Convention and Visitors Bureau service area. The board approved the measure for the July 1, 2014 to June 30, 2015 period.

Taylor was asked if they ever received inquiries about Henderson County, to which Taylor responded, "Yes, we do."

It comes at no cost to the county and markets and promotes interesting activities and points of interest in Henderson County.

In other business, the board: