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Oquawka Board still dealing with Schuyler Street project issues

By Sally Day for the Quill

MSA Engineer Jared Fluhr spoke to the board during their February 3, 2014 meeting about a contract amendment on the Schuyler Street project.

The only update he had was that Laviediere would be back to the project in the Spring.

Board members asked Fluhr to request from Laviediere that they fix the hole in the street in front of the grocery store and ask them for a sign stating "no trucks" on Schuyler Street.

Fluhr went on to explain to the board that by the board not granting Laviediere a time extension on the project it had cost MSA $21,400 to date.

He was asking for a percentage of this amount to take back to the company.

He suggested the board put in a change order about the time extension. Following a lengthy discussion, the board agreed to pay the construction administration fee of $12,800.

Lisa Ray was present for the board meeting to ask a request of $76,693 to pay for a grant from the Department of Conservation for a new playground.

The grant would need to be paid for by the Village, but would be reimbursed to them by the DOC and by Boy Scouts, who have already raised $12,000 toward the project. A discussion ensued and although the board thought it was a wonderful idea, they were not sure they could write a check of that amount at this time. Some board members thought it might be a good idea to speak with their auditors on the matter. The board tabled the matter until the March 3, 2014 meeting.

Oquawka Fire Chief Troy Jern, who also sits on the board, reported that the Fire Station in Oquawka has been designated as a warming center. Additionally, he said there had been a structure fire in Oquawka Township this week. He also noted the department had been involved with four medical assists. Chief Jern said that there are currently 27 active firemen, two fireman have been named to their reserve unit.

He explained that people living in rural Oquawka and outlying areas have the opportunity to join an association of fire protection. The cost of this is $40 per year. Chief Jern related that those who choose not to join the association will be charged for each fire and rescue call made to them. Those costs will be much higher than the association dues.

Chief Jern asked the board about purchasing much needed fire equipment from A.E.C. Company at a cost of $704. The board passed a motion agreeing to the purchase.

Attorney Andy Doyle mentioned the possibility of passing an ordinance to declare emergency snow routes. The declaration would override calling for a snow route when it had snowed a certain amount of inches. Doyle noted that when you declare a snow route based on a number of inches it has snowed, an argument generally follows on how many inches of snow really fell. A discussion ensued on locations of said snow route. It was finally decided that Schuyler Street between River Drive and Eighth Street would be effected by the declaration.

Brad Gotaas, former Street and Water Superintendent, spoke from the floor, stating there is already an ordinance in place. He was uncertain of when it had been set, but thought it was the 1970s. The discussion was tabled until the March meeting.

Street and Water Superintendent Jeff Peterson said that his crew had been working on water repairs in the village in recent weeks. They have also been busy removing snow from village streets. A water pipe break had also been repaired. Peterson said his department had built three picnic tables over the winter, as well.

Additionally, in Peterson's report a discussion about an obsolete truck at the fire house was discussed. It is still uncertain how the village will dispose of this.

In his monthly report, Police Chief Keith DeJaynes noted the following activities: answered criminal calls on - theft from residence, 1; criminal damage to property, 1; pick up stolen property from residence; assisted with - county assists, 2; ambulance assists, 2; domestic calls, 4; civil disturbances, 2; tavern calls, 3; traffic - speeding tickets, 3; warnings, 2; traffic accidents, 2; other calls, 26. He also noted that 132 gallons of fuel was utilized; his department covered 1,219 miles for the month and collected $1,013.35 in fines.

Chief DeJaynes told board members that a squad car had been totaled and the insurance company was going to pay $6,200 for the car. His department has been looking for a replacement for this vehicle. They found one at Tapman's in Monmouth. It is a Chevy Impala and would cost $6,200. He suggested the board look at this vehicle.

Zoning Officer Bill Moody said there had been no building applications during the month. He did tell board members that residents had been asking when they could start garage constructions.

In other business, the board: