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La Harpe Council Discuss Parade Route Changes

The La Harpe City Council met on December 8th at the La Harpe City Hall.

Police Chief Justin Livingston reported that the parade went well for the Country Christmas but he requested a change in the parade route for next year. He said as big as the parade is getting, he would like to see it only go one way.

He would also like to see it go down Main Street all the way to South 6th Street and then turn left to Archer Avenue and then go back to the school.

He believes the park should be blocked off all the way around it, instead of letting vehicles drive around it for the Country Christmas.

The La Harpe City Hall had 46 people register and gave away 3 gift certificates. The council gave a big salute to everyone involved with the Country Christmas.

La Harpe's city engineer Eric Moe reported that the Community Development Assistance Program grant application has been denied again. He is still working on the grant for next year.

City water department workers, along with Eric, conducted flow tests on certain city water hydrants and found the water pressure dropped significantly. Water Department Superintendant Tim Graves said, "This is why we flush hydrants at night".

A motion was passed to give out Christmas bonuses in the same amounts as last year.

It was reported that the cemetery was still being used as a public roadway. One idea was to put up a fence to prohibit this.

The police department will contact the residents using the cemetery road.

The question is still being asked, "Who owns the mausoleum?". To be able to fix the crumbling structure an air test would have to be done.

As of now, no one is allowed in the mausoleum. It has been condemned for about 20-25 years.

The Mayor and council are working with the Illinois Comptroller's office to try and figure out who owns the building, since the Mausoleum Association went bankrupt.

A couple members of the council agreed to look through old minutes from city council meetings to see if any notes on the sale of the property to the association was made.

The 4th Street intersection project has taken longer than expected. The concrete has been poured and they are waiting for it to cure.

No more intersection work will be done until the spring.

Petitions for open seats on the council and for the Mayor's positions were set to be turned in on Monday, December 15th from 8-5 pm at the La Harpe City Hall.

The next city council meeting will be in the new year, on January 12, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the La Harpe City Hall office.

The second meeting of December was canceled due to the holidays.