The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Biggsville Village Board, Dec. 3rd

Amanda Guyton called the Biggsville Village Board of Trustees to order at 7:04 p.m. with all trustees and officers present. All participated in saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

November minutes, bills and the treasury report was presented for the trustees to review. After discussion on some items, Nanci Sterett made the motion to accept the reports as presented with Miguel Gonzales offering the second. All voted in favor of the motion.

Jimmy Rogers made a report on the Streets, Water & Sewer.

Tools have been accessed with some purchases made to fill in the gaps on various wrenches, a battery charger, and chains for the tractor and truck for this winter. Jimmy expressed concern over not having a pump to clear any water main break that we might have.

Currently, workers are bringing in equipment when a break is repaired. Nanci made the motion to purchase a 2" trash pump from Blue Book with Kevin Mortimer offering the second. The motion was approved by the entire board. Jimmy also reported that the front tractor tires have never been replaced and could fail us this winter when we need the tractor for snow removal and for loading sand.

After discussion Brian moved to set a $850 budget for purchase of the tires and Miguel Gonzales offered the second. The motion carried.

Since we have purchased a new salt spreader the old one will be put up for sale. Ads will be put in the local papers so we can recoup some of the cost of the new one. We will open bids at the next village meeting.

Zoning --- Dickey Goff has started construction and the ambulance crew has trucked in lots of fill so they can bring the lot up to street level.

Community Outreach --- fruit baskets will be distributed to our seniors on December 20 at 9:00 a.m. Any volunteers who would want to fill or deliver baskets contact Nanci Sterett who has graciously taken on this project.

Water --- Amanda Guyton has signed up the final paperwork for our water project. This project which started in 2007 has been a long time in the works but hopefully we all like the better quality of water. Our school is also enjoying the fruits of our labor.

Turning over the old well is awaiting the legal paperwork that we need to receive from our lawyers. When this is accomplished it will save us from the cost of abandoning the well per EPA regulations.

Water Ordinance --- changes to the existing water ordinance have to be accomplished so it conforms to the current water rates. After discussing changes the following will be put into practice.

There will be a $100 new user fee for anyone signing up for water and sewer in an existing structure.

If you fail to pay your bill and we turn it off there will be a $30 turn on fee.

Water bills will go out on the 1st with payment due on the 10th, a late fee will be accessed on the 15th and you will have your water turned off on the 26th if it is not paid by this time or the next business day if it comes on the weekend.

Discussion was tabled on chickens in Biggsville until we could determine that the zoning ordinance was current.

Jerry Weibel, who faithfully attends our meeting, brought up the subject of snow removal on our sidewalks in our business area. Due to the fact that our village is small enough we all have jobs elsewhere and our maintenance person is part time, shoveling falls to whoever is handy for our community building. Jerry has been shoveling this area, but has had difficulty because of cars parked in front of this area. If you see Jerry or snow that needs removing offer a hand shake or some assistance if you have time. Our community works because of people like Jerry who work for the satisfaction that they help others.

Sometimes I stray from reporting exactly what occurs in our village meetings and instead use this space to inform our village of what is happening or needs attention. If I offend my intentions are good.

At 9:15 Kevin Mortimer moved that we adjourn with Miguel Gonzales offering the second. All approved the motion.

Biggsville Village Clerk

Dale Allenbaugh