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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Government Programs-Pheasants Forever-Tree Mind Change-Polar Express-Coyote Kill'n Time"

Greetings to ever one in western Illinois and all readers of The Quill.

Christmas is next week and New Years the week after. My, how it seems to come around quicker year after year.

Government Programs

The governments FSA office and U. of I. are putt'n on meet'ins, regular now, to explain the new 5 year farm program. A lot of producers and landowners that attend those meet'ins seem ta have glazed over eyes after a short spell into the sessions.

The new farm program has three basic options with choices ta raise yield history and base acres. It's a gonna take more forethought than previous programs had required. It seems 'lot a farmers and landowners are lean'n toward choose'n the middle option.

Pheasants Forever

Whilst attend'n one of those meet'ins, one of the boys overheard the conversation betwixt two landowner farmers. The one was a tell'n the other how he ran off his farm a feller he had allowed ta hunt on his land fer over 30 years.

It seems the hunter acquaintance showed up at the front gate with a "Pheasants Forever" membership sign prominently attached to his vehicle. That was all it took to break the long term relationship and order him off the farm.

"But why would that matter" the other feller asked?

The answer given pertained to the Pheasants Forever folk continually attack'n the farmers fer try'n ta make a live'n. Attack'n the ways they farm, attack'n their technology and its use, and mostly spread'n misinformation. Taken on a liberal "Tree Huggin' attitude by its leadership was displease'n ta him!

The winter 2015 cover of "Pheasants Forever' magazine seemed ta be happy about the lower abysmal grain prices which they somehow figured translated into a "Good CRP" signup.

The offended farmer said, "I've promoted good conservation and habitat preservation all of my farm'n career. I've planted food plots fer the wildlife and feed them with my own grain dure'n the winter months."

"When the hard economic times hit in the 80's I never saw one single Pheasant Forever feller try'n ta help or even express'n sympathy fer the farmers plight. As neighbors went broke and lost their farms, Pheasants Forever folk were mighty scarce except at hunt'n time".

"Then when the good times came along a few years back, them "blankety blank' Pheasant Forever whiner's began attack'n my way of farm'n and make'n a live'n. It's just too much fer me to handle" he said. "Not only can they find somewhere else ta hunt-because of their apparent glee that farm'n is now produce'n below the cost of production, but their delight that lower CRP payments might be forced on the craw of farmers as a last economic resort, and the glee they are express'n - well, its too much ta hafta swallow".

"And further more, I'm not shopp'in at any store or business house that sports the logo on their window show'n support fer Pheasants Forever and their selfish ways."

If'n they supports the group that don't like the way I makes my money farm'n - "I'll spend it somewhere else!" the feller proclaimed bluntly and rather loudly by this time.

Other farmers and landowners sitt'in nearby within hear'n distance, were a shaken their heads in apparent complete agreement and confirm'n his thoughts, the boys told.

As fer the boy's listen'n in, they gets up and moves clear ta the other side of the room and strikes up a conversation on the weather. One of the boys is a, "life member of Pheasants Forever" and feared fer his welfare. He said in light of the conversation, he was contemplate'n drop'n his membership.

As fer me, I only listened ta what was told. I did try ta tell them not to overreact to the comments and actions of a few radicals and that the organization had basically good intents. Their reply was, "Not when it attacks my basic way of live'n and make'n a live'n!"

With that I changed the subject with the boys ta the weather and do not intend ta broach the subject again.

Tree Mind Change

One of the boys noted them outside investors that bought several farms a few years back and planted the whole farm ta trees was now mow'n the trees off with a shredder. The trees had grown to a nice size, hundreds of em.

The story has it, they is a gonna farm the land fer a few years and then sell them. Fer their sake I hopes the land market does not drop too much in the mean time.

Who can figure plant'n so many trees only ta mow them off when they is 6' to 8' tall. Some feller sez they wish he had known, he would of liked ta transplant some of them good walnut trees ta various spots on his own farm and been will'n ta pay fer em.

All's I know is it ain't none of my business and I ain't a gonna worry or fuss about it. One of the advantages of own'n your own land is ya can do as ya likes with it, leastways that's the way it is fer now.

Polar Express

Several folk from our area went over ta Mt. Pleasant, Iowa fer the Polar Express and had fun with family on the ole steam train. They say the tickets sales opened up at midnight, a while back, and was sold out in 40 minutes.

Coyote Kill'n Time

Some of the fellers around these parts is have'n good luck kill'n coyotes, before the coyotes kill their cats, dogs, and smaller livestock.

Deer season is over now and I suppose most of the meat is processed by this time. Seems a lot of folk thought it ta be a good year fer that.

Have a good rest of the week and me and the misses is hope'n ta see ya in church this week. Wherever ya is, what ever ya be a do'n, "BE A GOOD ONE!"

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later