The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Observations of a Local health center

I am writing to recognize and commend our health facilities: Oaklane Nursing and Rehab Center and Oakwood Estates Retirement Village in Stronghurst, which I believe we all take for granted and do not realize in our little town and in our little county what we have and should appreciate.

It is hard to realize these facilities have been in operation for many years.

Oaklane opened their doors in 1989 and Oakwood Estates opened in 2009.

As a volunteer for the last 21 years---for several years as a registered nurse and 10 years as a community volunteer, I have had the opportunity to see many changes and progress in health care in both facilities.

Improvements have been accomplished by a dedicated Board of Directors and many employees throughout the years.

I recall the challenges and frustrations the Administration and Directors of Nursing experienced to start this facility.

I feel privileged to have played a very small part in the development of both facilities. We were fortunate to have much needed medical help from our beloved late Dr. Pogue. His presence is sadly missed at Oaklane and also by the whole town. However, we still are able to have competent medical doctors to visit residents as Medicare requires.

Oaklane is currently undergoing a project of remodeling the facility which progresses as time and finances allow.

For example halls, rooms, floor coverings, furniture and bathrooms are being made even more attractive and appealing to the residents and public.

Two dining facilities are available to meet residents varying needs. In one dining room, residents have a buffet choice which allows them opportunity to be more independent in their food choices.

Nursing care has made improvements to provide better care and make residents more comfortable.

A recent change has been the physical therapy department. It not only cares for residents, but also serves local people as out patients who are in need of physical therapy. I was an out patient for 3 weeks and the therapy I received was excellent.

Another change which is fairly recent is Oaklane Nursing and Rehab now can care for patients who are receiving IV infusions and also can administer IV medications.

This is a fairly new addition to what Oaklane can offer and we want all area hospitals, doctors, case managers and prospective residents to know this service exist.

If you are a patient in a hospital and are being discharged with an IV infusion, remember you can transfer to Oaklane to be nearer to your home.

Oaklane has tried hard to administer good nursing care and be as comprehensive and competitive as possible in types of care they can give for the benefit of any resident coming to the facility.

Many years ago this facility was built to give residents in this county and surrounding areas an opportunity to receive this skilled care, nursing home care, and assist living near their homes and family. What a great opportunity we have with these 2 facilities in Henderson County.