The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

County Board Approves Variance

By Sally Day for the Quill

Oquawka, Illinois-Nov. 25, 2014

Cindy Rhinehart, Zoning Board Officer, brought a variance to the Henderson County Board on Tuesday, November 25, 2014, concerning moving a mobile home. Angelina and Ryan Ingle had requested the Zoning Board to allow them to move a mobile home to their property, replacing an older mobile home at the same location.

The Zoning Board of Appeals had first heard the request and recommended to the County Board that they allow the Ingles to move in the newer mobile home. The board held a brief discussion first and noted that each of these cases should be heard on an individual basis. The board passed a motion to accept the request.

Board member Tex Stewart asked the board to consider allowing Gladstone Fire Department to keep their old ambulance even after they purchase the newer model later this month. Stewart noted they wanted to keep the ambulance to be used by the First Responders organization. The older ambulance is a 1997, while the newer one is a 2002 model. The motion passed, with Stewart abstaining from the vote.

Henderson County Animal Control Officer, Ravonna Butler was present and asked the board if she could get the headlights on the Animal Control truck repaired. The board passed a motion to allow Butler to get the lights on the truck repaired.

The board also passed a motion to adopt the 2015 Budget and Levy and put it on display for public viewing.

Prior to the board adjourning, Board member Albert Renken thanked all those board members whose time was up on the board and would be leaving the board.

Board member Gail Russell presided over the meeting, in the absence of Marty Lafary.

The board responded to the roll call in the following manner, Mark Lumbeck, present; Albert Renken, present; David Hinshaw, present; Terry Myers, present; Gail Russell, present; Curt Eisenmayer, absent; Bob Peterson, present; Jim Alexander, absent; Marty Lafary, absent; Tex Stewart, present; and Stan Torrance, present.