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Dr. Ben Carson's "One Nation" book signing tour delivers More than a signature

Dr. Ben Carson's tour, "One Nation" is becoming a smash hit. His book "One Nation" co-authored by his wife Candy of 39 years, is already #2 on the New York Times best sellers list, and this past several days, he has had Iowans turning their heads.

Dr. Carson was one of the world's foremost neurosurgeons before retiring recently. He was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian honor, in 2008.

Two months ago, the conservative Republican began a book signing tour which has been drawing crowds and chants of "RUN, BEN, RUN!" among conservatives who are hopeful Carson will run in the next presidential election.

After speaking to a crowd of over 400 in Des Moines, IA Dr. Carson along with his wife came to Davenport Monday to speak at the Mariannette Miller-Meeks Iowa Congressional Campaign Rally.

"The strength of our nation is in our unity" Dr. Carson said, thus the name "One Nation". A summary of Dr. Carson remarks underscores his faith in America-America's democracy has changed the world.

"Within two hundred years of America's founding, "We have put men on the Moon."

"We are the children of many nations," and in his opinion, America cannot lead by reacting to the World's crises. "True leaders plan for crisis and have contingency options."

"Our American Rights are God given, NOT government given. Beware of those who seek to separate us.....those who use color, income, age and religion."

Divide and conquer are the earmarks of Socialism.

Dr. Carson feels that "Within our country there are those who offer free healthcare, free food, etc:."Just Vote for Me!" Dr. Carson said.

Dr. Carson spoke against the government's continued efforts to create a dependency class in the U.S.

He said he overcame poverty in his childhood to become the world's top brain surgeon. His mother worked and refused to accept welfare.

"What we have to do is learn how to invest in people in a way that allows them to move up and experience the American Dream. We just need the right kind of leadership. The last thing we need are the do-gooders who do nothing but create dependency for the sake of getting votes."

Dr. Carson tells Americans they must keep their power.

"You have influence on at least 3 people. Encourage even the disheartened to vote this November as these Mid-Term elections are crucial in the Senate and Congress and for our Nation's standing in the World."

"When 93 million didn't vote then our current president and his agenda are elected by default. When 30 million evangelicals did not vote in the last election, they cast a vote for the current president."

He went on to say that a president must follow the Constitution and make decisions based on facts and NOT personal bias.

Since everyone has a sphere of influence, it is vital to ask your friends to vote for legislators, civic leaders and presidents so that our representatives are not elected by default.

He feels, the upcoming mid-term elections are key because Russia and China would like to return to the gold currency standard pressuring the USA, into economic downturn because of our 17 Trillion Debt Structure.

"This 17 Trillion Debt Structures is our legacy to our grandchildren," he said.

"In this November's election it is crucial to elect leadership to stand up for the Constitution. We need Senators and Congressman capable of our restoring our leadership in the free world. We cannot wait until 2016 to deal with a world and economy in crisis."

"A Presidential Leader gives Hope." Carson said. "A leader does not take away Hope."

The talk brought out that a Pennsylvania voting district gave Obama 15,000 votes and 0 for Romney?

This raises questions of voter fraud?"

"Freedom is never Free::we are One Nation,

the Children of Many Nations" we must not let

ourselves be divided. We must use our influence with

at least 3 people to vote in this November Elections."

This is the plea Dr. Carson leaves to Amercian citizens who can vote. Comments from several in attendance felt he was "Absolutely awe inspiring."

-Report by Cassandra Scott, Special For The Quill