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Hancock County Board Considers Roof Replacement

Carthage:The Hancock County Board spent most of their August 19th meeting discussing the roof at the county highway department headquarters.

County Highway Engineer Elgin Berry said the following bids were submitted to roof the county highway department headquarters:

Trotter Contracting, Inc. Tournear Roofing, Inc. Laverdeire Construction

820 West Jackson 2605 Spring Lake Road 4055 West Jackson

Macomb, IL 61455 Quincy, IL 62305 Macomb, IL 61455

Shingles $11,797 $20,750 $22,500

Metal Roof $33,455 $35,900 $37,000

Bid opening was July 25, 2014. Two alternatives, shingles or a metal roof, were sought. Bids included materials and labor.

After the bid opening Trotter contracting, Inc. wrote County Highway Engineer Berry that a supplier errored in their quote. This led the bid for shingles to be approximately $10,000 too low. Trotter Contracting, Inc. said they would install the metal roof option for $25,000 as an alternative.

County board member Marc Huston questioned whether a subcontractor was being used. He also questioned whether any subcontractor was licensed by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulations as a roofing contractor.

County board member Wayne Bolin questioned whether the project should be rebid.

County Highway Engineer Berry said the low quote of $25,000, and approach of fall weather led him to suggest the alternative offer by Trotting Contracting, Inc.

Tom Scheetz moved to approve the proposal by Trotter Contracting, Inc. in the amount of $25,000 for a steel roof, subject to review of the questioned items by the states attorney. Pat Cramer seconded the motion. On roll call, the following members voted "Yes", Wayne Bollin, Steve Bolton, Pat Cramer, Cary Gray, Don Little, Emmett Postle, Jeanne Schell, Thomas Scheetz, Harold Stuckwisch, and David Walker, totaling ten (10). Asbury and Huston voted "No", totaling two (2). The motion carried.

In other business the Hancock County Board:

Awarded a bid to Midwest Bridge and Crane of Good Hope, to construct a pre-stressed concrete deck beam bridge on Township Road 400 in La Harpe Township in the amount of $254,000.

Approved a half-aid petition in Bear Creek Township at 1400 East, 945 North in the amount of $21,000, for a culvert. Hancock County and Bear Creek Township will split the cost 50-50.

Approved a half-aid petition in Prairie Township at Township Road 1300 North, 1550 East in the amount of $11,000, for a culvert. Hancock County and Prairie Township will split the cost 50-50.

Approved a variance for a "hoop building" for Victor Kerr in the Hunt-Lima Drainage District flood-plain, in compliance with the FEMA mandated flood plain ordinance.

Issued deeds as "Trustee" to successful bidders for property obtained by forfeiture of owner. (nonpayment of real estate taxes for three years and no tax-buyer acquisition).

Approved Public Transportation Report for year ending June 30, 2014.

David Walker presented the report of a meeting held by the County Health and Miscellaneous Committee on August 12, 2014, and moved the report be approved, recommendations of the committee be concurred in, and the report be placed on file with the minutes of this meeting. On roll call Wayne Bollin, Steve Bolton, Pat Cramer, Cary Gray, Mark Huston, Don Little, Emmett Postle, Jeanne Schell, Thomas Scheetz, Harold Stuckwisch, and David Walker, totaling eleven (11). Asbury abstained, totaling one (1). The motion carried.

The County Health and Miscellaneous report included a recommendation to pay $2,000 of the estimated $6,000 cost for EMT's to train and become paramedics. Paramedics would agree to work for Hancock County for three years. A contract will be drafted and presented to the county board.

Approved a resolution declaring August 25 through August 31 Workforce Development Week. It carried on a division of the house. Eleven members voted "Yes". One member voted "No".

Don Little reported discussion is continuing on courthouse security. He also reported the east and west doors will be replaced by replicas of white oak by Bear Creek Custom Millworks at a cost of $19,650.

Pat Cramer moved to refer the drafting of an ordinance to regulate salvage yards, or nuisances as a consequence of the salvage yard, to the Health and Miscellaneous Committee. Wayne Bollin seconded the motion and it carried.

Reappointed Karen Andrews, Ed Owen, and Denise Yuskis to the board of health for three year terms expiring in July, 2017.

Reappointed L. Dianne Barnett to a term expiring in September, 2016, as trustee of the Hunt-Lima Drainage District Board of Trustees. Mr. Little seconded the motion, and it carried.

The next county board meeting will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Tuesday, September 22, 2014 in the County Board Room, Third Floor, Courthouse, Carthage.