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Village of Raritan August 14 Board Meeting

The Trustees met in the meeting room of the Raritan Fire House August 14, 2014 with Trustees Sammy Blender, Dwayne Magee, Gary Powless, Phil Anders, Michael Knapp, President Earl Waller and Clerk Jim Blender answering roll call. President Waller called the meeting to order and led the trustees in saying the Pledge of Allegiance. Trustee Blender opened with prayer. On a motion by Trustee Magee, seconded by Trustee Anders the minutes were approved as presented. Motion carried.

Guest: Joe Krupps, Ron Stambaugh, Village Attorney; Bryan Arnold, and Jim and Chris Nisius.

Bills presented were as follows: Phil Anders $105.00; Waste Management $1026.80; Dennis Rankin $157.60; Dallas Rural Water $508.41; Ameren IP $1162.38 and 664.53; Jay Blender $880.00; PDC $16.00; Murphy's $200.00; WIRC $75.90. A motion was made by Trustee Magee, seconded by Trustee Powless to approve the above bills. Motion carried.

Joe Krupps was present to request permission to use parking space for 2 weeks to remove debris from the property at 108 East Main as he has been hired to demolish it. At his suggestion, the trustees agreed to remove the sidewalk in front of this property.

Bryan Arnold was present to thank the board for cooperating with him in his recent expansion.

A discussion was held about the resolution passed at the last meeting to sell lots. It needs to be published once in the local papers. The village attorney will prepare this document. On a motion by Trustee Michael Knapp, seconded by Trustee Powless, the board will accept sealed bids through September 30, 2014 and will be opened at the regular village board meeting on October 9, 2014. Bids should be sent to Village of Raritan, P.O. Box 72, Raritan, IL 61471. Motion carried.

Attorney Stambaugh read a letter from the zoning officer stating they did not feel it was their responsibility to change the village ordinance to allow chickens in the village. The attorney stated the resident needs to submit a variance of the ordinance to the zoning board instead.

The water bill collector stated she had 34 late water bills this past month. It was decided, effective immediately, the village will not contact late water patrons. A motion was made by Trustee Blender, seconded by Trustee Knapp, to have a stamp prepared with 2 contact numbers to be stamped on the water bills in case of questions or concerns. Motion carried.

A motion was made by Trustee Magee, seconded by Trustee Powless, to approve the building permit for Lonnie Lucas to build a 50X25 garage. Motion approved.

A motion was made by Trustee Powless, seconded by Trustee Blender and unanimous approval of the board the meeting was adjourned to the next regular meeting night. Motion carried.