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Hopeful Crowd Hear GOP's Choice for Governor

Bruce Rauner, the Republican Candidate for Illinois Governor, from Shaumburg, stopped in Oquawka and told a crowd who had gathered Friday afternoon at Dolpher Thompson's Oquawka Boats & Fabrications, that he will be moving back to the capitol in Springfield to run the state's business after he's elected Illinois Governor.

He said, "If farmers keep the same crop in the field too long, what happens? .......It's time to rotate the crops!" Rauner said and moved Quinn and his cronies out and get back to a two party system."

"Rauner says he will get right to work on his jobs and growth agenda which includes plans "to eliminate Quinn-Madigan tax hike, modernize the sales tax, freeze property taxes, and reduce regulatory burdens" and make the business atmosphere attractive in his beloved state.

"And, I'm going to do it in my first year in office. And the second year, I'm going to travel the United States and recruit the best businesses and bring them to Illinois."

Rauner is determined to take this state from the worst place to do business in and turn it into one of the best in the nation.

Rauner has been endorsed by Catepillar who says they pay 5 times more for workman compensation than they pay in Indiana.

Rauner had just come from the Illinois State Fair in Sringfield where he purchased the top steer and then he gave it to the University of Illinois.

Education is another one of his top issues.

Bruce Rauner - Bus Stop At Galva Ethanol Plant

Saturday 7:30-9:30

Bruce Rauner came into Big River Resources Galva ethanol plant this past Saturday after going to Oquawka, Monmouth, and the rodeo at New Windsor Friday-the night before.

He had his agriculture adviser with him and he came on an invitation of Big River Resources, Galva Plant to see the importance ethanol does for the economy of the state.

Rauner said he was opposed to removing the tax exemptions on agriculture inputs.

He spoke on the value of ethanol not only from an economic standpoint but from the viewpoint of clean air, energy independence, and national security, recognizing that ethanol is an important factor in the enhancement in all of these issues.

Rauner pointed out the importance of agriculture and its related industries to the crucial economic welfare of Illinois' economy.

He stressed that he would work diligently to not only strengthen and sustain strong agricultural economy but also would work to bring industry and additional jobs back into our state as well as maintaining the industry already in place.

Rauner also pointed out that much of our tax schedule is punitive resulting in more businesses and people leaving our state and those that are attempting to enter.

His first year on the job when elected, Rauner said he would concentrate on changing that reality. His second year on the job he would then concentrate on bringing good businesses back into the state.

Rauner pointed out the ill reputation this state has for corrupt government and that 4 of our recent governors have spent time in prison, along with other various levels of legislative and county and city officials.

"This needs to be turned around," Rauner said.

He said that he would not accept any salary or pension, or compensation for any of his services when elected.

Additionally he intends to only serve 2 terms and is working diligently to enact legislation to require term limits on Illinois legislators.

"Let's get back to a two party system in Illinois."

"I'll live in Springfield, and work diligently for the benefit of the state from the Illinois Capital," rather than Chicago.

Mr Rauner has rural connections with his grandparents being dairy farmers and he owning horses and black Angus cattle.

He is also an ardent Harley Davison motor cycle rider and he enjoys hunting and outdoor recreation.

He's a strong proponent of the first amendment rights.

He was raised as a middle class individual and as an investor and businessman has done well with a great deal of success.

He has been working for the state police, state workers, teachers pension fund by investing their pension for many years with a steady yield each year of over 20% to their benefit.

This same type of expertise he would like to apply in his service to Illinois.

He loves the state of Illinois and its people and wants to give back what it has so graciously given him in opportunity and success.

Mr. Rauner was well received by representatives who attended from the Illinois Farm Bureau, Illinois Corn Growers, Illinois Beef Producers, Illinois Pork Producers, several Mayors, Chairman of the County Board, Economic Development Groups plus a number of interested private citizens.

He was encouraged for success in his goal of "Bringing Back Illinois!",

Mr. Rauner continued on across Illinois in his campaign to hit every county in the state. He has already visited western Illinois on numerous occasions. His point is to develop ideas and draw on the knowledge and area of expertise most beneficial to our state's welfare.

Raymond E. Defenbaugh CEO, and Gene Youngquist, Treasurer and Board Member of Big River Resources were pleased with the turn-out and the interest expressed in rural Illinois, ethanol, and agriculture as a whole.

"Unfortunately, under Pat Quinn, working families have suffered from high taxes and the worst economy in the Midwest," Rauner said. "Our plan provides Illinoisans with relief from the failed policies of Pat Quinn and will bring back Illinois."

Big River's Board member and Treasurer Gene Youngquist of Monmuth who oversees the Galva operation, said Rauner was very pleased with the like-thinking of Big River and his goals in working to provide opportunity and jobs to help keep the young people from moving out of the communities."