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The Wisdom Of Barnyard Bruke: "Good crop, The Two Bears, The Presumptuous Possum"

Greetings to ever one in Western Illinois and all readers of The Quill, young and older alike.

Here we are, already into the August. It seems July flew by fast as a dog broke loose from his collar, and soon we will be have'n signs of fall.

Good Crop

I'm a hear'n on a regular basis now about the good crop about ta happen, fer corn at least. It's not unusual to hear reports on predictions of 250 bpa and 270 bpa. Several are bold enough to predict 300 bpa and more.

Harry Stine of Stine Seeds, the largest privately owned seed company in the world, is predict'n good results fer his high population seed corn genetics of 40,000 plants per acre and more. It'll be interest'n study'n the results of seed plots this fall.

It would be nice if'n the price would work up some. That might be a hope'n fer to much, the way farmers seem ta be unload'n, at this time, their farm stored bins of old crop corn. Why should the market bid up when the farmer is so will'n ta give it up?

The Two Bears

Cornelius was a tell'n us boys of one of his neighbors, what as husband and wife got into frequent arguments. They fought verbally so loudly that all the neighbors would hear them. The neighbors were concerned but didn't know what to do.

Then suddenly the arguments stopped, and the neighbors wondered what had happened. They didn't hear the husband and wife shout'n at each other anymore.

Cornelius, be'n the type of feller he is, went over ta discuss the matter with his argue'n neighbors and met the wife at the front door. She politely invited Cornelius into the kitchen fer a cup of coffee. There he met the husband as well and sat down fer some friendly conversation.

Cornelius was missed at the local coffee shop that morn'n but his friends figured he was up ta somethin important.

Cornelius, as they worked their way half through a cup of coffee, told his neighbors he shore appreciated nor hear'n any more shout'n from their house, and curiously asked what had happened ta cause such a change. He knew they both supported exactly opposite political parties and that one was very conservative and the other very liberal in their thoughts.

Also, one was a spender and the other a saver. But, this was yet in the political season and last year was not a good financial year fer the both of em.

So, what had changed he wondered? They both responded that it was because of two bears.

Cornelius sez "Two bears! He thought it probably was bear-like attitudes that caused the trouble to start with."

"Well", the wife explained, "We found two bears in the Bible. One is, "Bear ye one another's burdens.' The other is, "Forbear'n one another in love."

Have'n true Christian love in our hearts, we will gladly bear each other's burdens and will have a forebear'n attitude toward one another. Them neighbors set a good example fer Cornelius in that they no longer insisted that individually their own way was best and acknowledged that the other person also has good ideas.

Cornelius was very impressed with the example his neighbors set. He felt the world needs more of the "Two bears" which would deliver a pasal of peace where needed.

The Presumptuous Possum

There was a presumptuous possum that slipped into the garage of Tom Jones house, sniffed out a bag of cat food, crawled up into the attic and discovered how cozy the new abode was.

The possum knew instinctively that Tom was his enemy, but this was just too good ta pass up. It was like live'n in a grocery store with a climate controlled bedroom. Life doesn't get any better'n this in the possum world.

One morn'n about three o'clock Tom, have'n a sleepless night, worry'n about the markets, wondered out ta the back porch and discovered the possum help'n himself ta the cat's dish. Tom watched with disgust as the ugly creature scuttled into his garage and disappeared into a hide'n place.

Tom Jones determined to put an end, to this creature's occupancy of his home. Tom's house and garage was big, but not big enough to be shared with a possum.

The possum was by no means the first to make the fatal mistake of become'n too much at home in enemy territory.

How comfortable are we in this world of ours where lies and deception seem ta number more than cross ties on the rail line or stars in the sky?

Have we as Americans found a cozy spot in the enemies territory? Are our tummies full of handouts and strange new philosophies? Is our time be'n spent with enemy enticements?

Beware! The enemies camp is a dangerous place ta make yourself at home! That was the last lesson the possum learned!

That's it fer this weeks column.

I'm a hope'n the rest of your week goes well. Have fun at the Illinois State Fair this week, and enjoy the chicken/pigeon/swap meet in Burlington this weekend.

Hope'n to see ya in church this week. Where ever ya is, what ever ya be a do'n "BE A GOOD ONE!"

Keep on Smile'n

Catch ya later