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Meet Your Neighbor

Meet your neighbor, Phillip Cooper. Phil is a Commissioned Ruling Elder currently serving the Stronghurst and Media Presbyterian churches in the office of Pastor.

"Serving these congregations is a great honor" Phil says. "We may not be large congregations, but I am always impressed by the devotion of these people. They are Christians through and through".

Phil is a native of the Little York community, the son of Ted and Jean Cooper. Phil grew up on a farm with his brother Mark, and sister Terri.

He was a 25 year resident of Arizona and Texas, and was involved in corporate work as a vice president of Sun World Corporation.

Later on, he was General Manager of the Arizona School of Real Estate and Business. While in Arizona, Phil returned home to attend his parent's 50th wedding anniversary, and felt the strong call to return to the area.

"God was definitely speaking to me as I could not get the idea of moving home out of my mind. I'm glad I listened to Him. The first year I was back, my dad had a heart attack, then the next year it was my mom. It was good to be here to help them through those difficult times".

Upon returning to Warren County, Phil became associated with the R. A. Reynolds Agency as it's manager. He later purchased that business. He also purchased the former Lovdahl/Shimmin accounting service, now both located at 219 E. Euclid Ave. in Monmouth.

In addition to his part time ministry duties, Phil continues to operate his businesses, and serves as Mayor of the Village of Little York. He will serve his second term as President of the Monmouth Evening Lions Club this year, and is also active in animal rescue work.

He and his wife Roberta live with two of their three daughters, three basset hounds, a dachshund, and a Chihuahua.

The light of his life is his three year old grandson Braxton who also lives with them.

"The Good Lord has been just amazingly good to me. Looking back, I can see his hand print on my life, leading and guiding me to where He has me today. His blessings are tremendous".